Benefits of a Thorough Formulary Review prior to BCMA
November 2013 - Vol. 10 No. 11 - Page #68

Given the time, resources, and effort required to implement large-scale technology projects championed by pharmacy, it is easy to see how additional, supportive actions can be marginalized. However, any new technology will only provide added benefit to the pharmacy if it can work seamlessly with existing technologies and processes. Therefore, when considering an improvement initiative, it is important to make sure a proper foundation is set ahead of time.

In the case of bar coded medication administration (BCMA), the technical advantages are fairly apparent, as it provides a closed-loop system for tracking and monitoring all medication administrations throughout the hospital. However, in order for this system to truly be efficient, it has to be populated with clean data and a solid inventory foundation. Performing a thorough review and audit of formulary items before adopting a BCMA system will streamline overall medication management, offer a chance to eliminate redundant or unused products, and create a succinct database for medication inventory and tracking.

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