Notable Products of 2015

December 2015 - Vol. 12 No. 12 - Page #24

Integrated Enterprise Platform

Omnicell introduces the Unity 19.5 enterprise platform. The new release features two advancements to help streamline medication administration for nursing and improve patient safety in the OR. The new integration between Omnicell’s automated dispensing cabinets and electronic health records (EHRs) allows nurses to save time by remotely managing medications directly from the EHR. The 19.5 release also features integration with the Omnicell anesthesia workstation and the Codonics Safe Label System, which helps streamline workflow in the OR and prevent medication errors, thus improving safety and compliance.

Omnicell, Inc
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Tracking Software for Medication Delivery

By using Track & Trace solutions from Swisslog, material transport and medication management automation integrates to create complete visibility of medication delivery. The process starts with MedPortal Inventory Management Software—new medications are scanned into inventory and securely stored in the automated pharmacy storage system. When a patient order arrives, medication is scanned out of pharmacy storage and scanned into the TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System for transport. The Track & Trace solution then documents that the medication has arrived at its destination. Bedside scanning closes the tracking loop before administration to the patient. By identifying where medications are in the delivery process, Track & Trace helps to improve efficiency and ensure timely medication delivery.

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions
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Cleanroom Carousel

Grifols, in partnership with SencorpWhite, offers unique USP <797>- and <800>-compliant carousel configurations with specific software adapted to cleanroom environments and sterile operations. Carousel configuration may include pass-through design, 100% exhaust, combo-cell units for concurrent storage of ambient and refrigerated stock, and RFID technology for advance monitoring. The carousels improve medication security by storing drugs in a secure, controlled environment; limit access with interlocking doors; include software features that identify product status at all times (eg, non-validated, validated and sequestered, validated and available); and provide lot, expiration, and beyond use date management.

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Compact Freezer

The Evolve 1.83 ft3 compact freezer, powered by Phononic’s SilverCore solid-state refrigeration system, delivers precise temperature control between -15° and -25°C. The freezer meets requirements for storing pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive reagents in ambient environments up to 32°C. With a built-in, WiFi-enabled temperature-monitoring solution, users have 24/7 access to temperature conditions, the ability to set up mobile alerts, and the capacity to monitor multiple units remotely. The product line, which also includes a compact, undercounter refrigerator, requires less maintenance and lower energy consumption compared with compressor-based systems.

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IV Automation Analytics

Aesynt launches REINVENT, a registry that provides health care organizations with IV automation analytics through aggregated compounded sterile preparation data. The Registry for Intravenous Technology in Pharmacy (REINVENT) is a global, multisite data registry aimed at collecting compounded sterile preparation data from hospitals and health systems for evaluation, analysis, and insight. By leveraging the aggregated data collected from Aesynt’s i.v.STATION, registry participants can analyze current industry trends and benchmark measures for process improvement. This capability helps these organizations improve operational efficiencies and safety for both employees and patients, while also supporting cost reductions. REINVENT data, which is stripped of site identification and is HIPAA-compliant, will be available to i.v.STATION customers who have opted into the registry.  

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Oral Syringe Filling System

Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) announces the addition of the new Auto-Draw Oral Syringe Filling System to the current suite of Bar-Code Plus pharmacy packaging solutions. MPI’s Auto-Draw is a semi-automatic solution that is capable of filling most oral slip syringes, up to 50 mL in volume of varying viscosities. The system automates batch filling of syringes with speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Filling operations can be completed in a few seconds through the touchscreen interface with no additional software required.

Medical Packaging Inc (MPI)
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