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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Unit Dose Packaging
December 2018 - Vol. 15 No. 12 - Page #18

New from Medi-Dose, Multi-Purpose Blisters (MPBs) allow users to easily package, label, and secure a variety of sizes and types of medications, including large medication, compounded and USP <800> drugs, double- and triple-0 capsules, unit of use packaging, repacked medications, suppositories, and more.

All MPBs are tamper-evident, moisture-resistant, and ultraviolet inhibitant. Each blister has a 2” x 2” label and is available in either 1-1/4” or 5/8” depths to suit various packaging and storage requirements. Flexible label formatting of the MPB labels is compatible with Medi-Dose’s MILT software.

From Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Auto-Print from Medical Packaging Inc is a complete bar coding packaging solution for oral solid medications. The semi-automated system packages tablets and capsules into unit dose at a rate of 60 packages per minute and at a minimal cost per dose using MPI’s exclusive consumable materials. The system’s advantages include decreasing packaging costs, increasing efficiency, reducing medication errors, and providing serialization when used with MPI’s Pak-EDGE UD Barcode Labeling software. This software generates and prints all linear and 2D bar codes and offers the option of an advanced bar code builder to create custom bar codes. Optional automation and functionality for specialized packaging is available through the Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) attachment, adjustable length packaging option, and bar code verifier attachment, which automatically scans each package as a final check once the packaging is complete. Recent technology advancements have been incorporated into the Auto-Print, such as a higher quality printer, new digital heater, and a more powerful processor.

From Medical Packaging Inc.

EPS offers a new 10-pack configuration for all four sizes of its Steri-Dropper sterile ophthalmic dispensing containers. The 10-pack features an ergonomically designed tray with each of the components (bottles, tips, and caps) separated for convenience. The new configuration helps users control costs when preparing sterile solutions in adherence with USP <797> and other current guidelines, even while packaging larger runs.

All four sizes of Steri-Dropper bottles, in both the original 2-pack or new 10-pack design, are manufactured from a zinc stearate-free resin, minimizing the risk of particulate forming in solutions with certain ophthalmic preparations.

From Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Precision Dose is an FDA-registered repackager of oral pharmaceutical products, providing a wide range of liquid medications in both unit dose cups and oral syringes as well as tablets and capsules in unit dose blister cards. The Precision Dose product line includes dye-free products such as children’s acetaminophen oral suspension, children’s cetirizine HCl oral solution, and children’s ibuprofen oral suspension. Each unit dose is bar coded and offers label color and layout differentiation for more accurate product identification.

From Precision Dose

Liquid Unit Dose cups from American Health Packaging (AHP) comprise a new line of bar coded oral solutions developed based on customer feedback and thorough research. Bringing hospitals and LTC facilities the products that best meet their dispensing needs, these oral solutions feature pull-tab labels for ease of opening and administration, thicker-gauge cups offering label seal integrity, differentiated labelling, and cup and storage trays designed for pharmacy’s limited storage space. AHP recently introduced fluoxetine oral solution to its liquid unit dose line, with plans to add additional SKUs throughout 2019. Liquid Unit Dose products may be ordered from partner GPO and wholesaler source programs.

From American Health Packaging

Health Care Logistics’ goHCLables and Class A Blisters are designed to accommodate any facility aiming to implement an effective repackaging system. The system can be utilized on several different computers or mobile devices with no need for additional software. The system provides different levels of access for various users, while allowing the pharmacy director to hold administrative rights.

From Health Care Logistics

The ATP 2 tablet pouch packager from TCGRx services any size pharmacy; it scales from 64 to 480 onboard canisters. The system’s AutoSense canisters provide the ability to extend the facility’s canistered formulary and minimize exception tray handling for non-formulary medications. The Dual Tray System gives users the ability to pre-stage trays inside the machine while it is running to reduce downtime. With one unit, four pouch sizes for unit dose or multiple medications can be generated. Users may exchange the lower packaging unit so that extra small packages can be generated for floor stock or pure unit dose dispensing. The optional redundant lower packaging unit provides the ability to swap out the lower packaging unit in case of a failure, and the system can accommodate longer paper rolls, requiring fewer paper changes. ATP 2 offers enhanced printing capabilities to add logos, icons, and various bar codes including data matrix, linear, and QR codes.

From TCGRx

The Atomic Liquid unit-dose packaging machine from Euclid Medical Products offers an efficient and economical solution for hospitals looking to upgrade from manually unit dosing liquids. The small, semi-automatic packing machine produces up to 450 cups per hour, using cups that offer Class A closure. The process can be less costly than syringes and provides a high volume of storage in ADCs. If a bar code label printer is required, users have the option to include the Vantage Label Printer, featuring the Vantage software.

Also from Euclid, the Cadet, the Cadet Twin 2x2, and the “Speedy” Wet Cadet unit dose packagers offer speed, durability, and non-fading thermal transfer printing. Able to produce up to 120 units per minute, these packagers can last for more than 20 years when properly maintained. The stainless steel units are easy to clean, and provide a low per-package cost.

From Euclid Medical Products

The FastPak Elite premium packaging solution from ARxUM offers versatility and modular configuration to provide extensive drug formulary capabilities. Featuring smart canisters, which can be placed anywhere in the device, the FastPak Elite enables users to automate up to 100% of their solid oral medication distribution.

The bag sizing function selects the correct pouch size based on the contents being packaged, which provides significant savings on consumables. The system’s printing capabilities allow for the inclusion of graphics and specific dosing instructions to improve adherence. Additionally, the FastPak Elite features half-tablet canisters, which automate pill and tablet splitting, increasing accuracy for half-tablet dispensing and saving time for pharmacy staff.


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