New & Noteworthy Products- Jan 2008

January 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 1

New Automated Dispensing Cabinets 

Cerner's RxStation automated medication dis- pensing cabinets connect directly to the Cerner Millenium electronic medical record (EMR) solution, allowing nurses to select medications from patients’ EMRs when retrieving doses from the cabinet. RxStation also works in conjunction with the Cerner PharmNet solution to integrate a facility’s medication management systems. A modular design allows facilities to customize the cabinet drawers’ dimensions and medication access points to meet the needs of individual departments.
Cerner Corp.   

TPN Ordering and Calculating Software

B. Braun announces the PINNACLE TPN Manager, a CPOE and calculating software to automate calculations and streamline the TPN compounding process. The Windows browser-based PINNACLE TPN Manager features customized patient templates and reports to help ensure rapid and smooth TPN delivery. The software also includes Trissel’s Ca/P graphical compatibility curves, developed in collaboration with Lawerence Trissel, RPh, to address calcium/phosphate compatibility and reduce potential errors. In addition, the software can generate bar coded prescription labels to eliminate the need for manual data entry on automated compounders and infusion pumps.  
B. Braun Medical Inc.  

Web-Based Medication Monitoring and Intervention Documentation

Asolva launches Medici Web, a Web-based solution for medication monitoring and intervention documentation. Designed specifically for pharmacists, the system interfaces with the hospital’s medical record system to provide a centralized repository of up-to-date patient information, including allergies, lab results, and medication profiles, as well as clinical pharmacist workflow data. Medici also allows pharmacists to input notes and status flags that are shared with other pharmacists, enabling them to monitor compliance and progress by documenting interventions and medication management, as well as ensure effective transition of patient cases between shifts. 
Asolva, Inc.    

Hazardous Drug Storage and Refrigeration Unit

Lab Safety Corporation’s ChemoValet allows pharmacists to store refrigerated, room temperature, and bulk hazardous drugs in a ventilated, controlled storage unit. Measuring 20x20x8 inches, ChemoValet is appropriately sized for space-limited negative pressure cleanrooms and can connect to an existing ventilation system via a 4-inch collar for multi-level, negative-pressure ventilation in accordance with current NIOSH guidelines.
Lab Safety Corporation

Automated Patient-Specific Medication Dispensing

Omnicell introduces the SinglePointe automated patient-specific management solution, along with the updated Omnicell 12.0 medication dispensing software. SinglePointe uses an auto-assign process to match patient-specific locations with patients and their medications, and can also store medications not routinely stocked in automated dispensing cabinets, allowing caregivers to more efficiently manage multi-use and home medications.
Omnicell, Inc.

Compounding Training Tool

CriticalPoint introduces the Virtual Compounder, a tool for training staff in personnel cleansing and garbing procedures. Offered as part of CriticalPoint’s Non-Hazardous Drugs – Compounding Personnel Cleansing & Garbing lesson, written by Holly Simmons, RPh, the interactive Virtual Compounder enables staff to demonstrate proper cleansing and garbing procedures from a computer. The user selects items to don or cleanse, as well as the order in which to do so, and receives instant feedback on the appropriateness of their choices.
CriticalPoint, LLC


No-Calibration Pharmacy Pump

Baxa Corporation announces the Repeater Pump II, the first no-calibration pharmacy pump using a fixed-volume, positive displacement pumping design. The Repeater Pump II features a touch screen with icons and colored graphics, snap-and-go tube set installation, and memory field recalls to improve ease of use for pharmacy personnel.  
Baxa Corporation 


Lint-Free Wipes

Technowipe Lint-Free Wipes, when saturated in a cleaning agent, can be used to clean cleanroom surfaces, as well as LAFWs, CAIs, and BSCs. Available in a 9x9-inch size and packaged in re-sealable double bags to avoid exposure to contamination, the wipes are manufactured in a cleanroom and are compatible with alchohol, bleach, and peroxide.
Technowipe, Inc.   


Unit Dose Oxcarbazepine Tablets

American Health Packaging recently launched bar coded, unit dose Oxcarbazepine tablets in 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600mg. Oxcarbazepine is AB-rated to Trileptal. American Health Packaging’s unit dose items are stocked by major wholesalers and GPOs.
American Health Packaging

IV Room Workflow Management

ForHealth Technologies launches the IntelliFlowRx I.V. Room Workflow Manager to manage and track doses in the cleanroom, reduce lost and missing doses, and streamline compounding and pharmacist verification processes. IntelliFlowRx uses workflow management software, high-resolution digital photography, PCs, touch-screen workstations, and bar code scanning technology to manage doses electronically and in real time to ensure that each dose is continuously accounted for, to eliminate the need to manually track doses and match them to pre-printed labels, and to allow for remote visual inspection of doses over a secure hospital intranet. IntelliFlowRx will be offered as a network service at an introductory price of $0.10 per dose.
ForHealth Technologies, Inc.  

Unit Dose Bins

EPS releases bins for the dispensing and storage of unit dose medications, including solids, liquids, and syringes and other injectables. EPS Unit Dose Bins fit 36-inch wide shelves and are manufactured from polystyrene. They can be mounted on EPS Gravity Flow rails, which are constructed from zinc-plated steel and hang bins at a 20-degree angle for ease of access and visibility.
EPS, Inc.

Medication Reconciliation Tool

Ingenix MedPoint is a Web-based tool that provides an individual’s prescription history (up to five years), including fill dates and details such as drug, dosage, frequency, and route, that can be accessed at all patient transition points in the hospital. In addition, MedPoint leverages a proprietary database containing physician information to match a provider’s DEA identification number to prescriptions and delivers the prescribing physician’s demographic information, as well as dispensing pharmacy information. The results of simultaneous queries to multiple data sources are displayed in a single patient report. MedPoint data is stored and transmitted in adherence with U.S. privacy and confidentiality regulations governing protected health information.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Recording System

SensoTech’s wireless, Web-based temperature monitoring system embeds non-volatile programs in its devices, and thereby requires no additional software installation or database and Web server maintenance. Up to 65 wireless sensors can transmit to a single host receiver. A central receiver connects to a local network, router, or PC, and receives signals from sensors up to 650 feet away or repeaters up to 1,400 feet away. Data is received, tracked, and logged every 60 seconds. If an out-of-range condition is logged, users are notified by e-mail, pager, phone, or external alarm. Managers can access data logs, print reports and graphs, and review alarm notifications from any networked computer or a remote desktop.
SensoTech Inc.

Biological Safety Cabinets

NuAire’s LabGard Series 50, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets are designed to protect personnel and products, while providing a particle- and bacteria-free environment for compounding hazardous drugs. A HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System provides filtered, uniform-velocity laminar airflow and 35 air changes per minute.

Performance Measurement Tools

McKesson’s Web-based High Performance Pharmacy Benchmarking Service and the High Performance Pharmacy Assessment Tool enable pharmacies to compare their performance against similar institutions and develop action plans for improving performance. A Web-based dashboard allows subscribers to analyze their operations based on size, services, dispensing model, technology, and other characteristics. The assessment tool allows pharmacists to assess their performance related to leadership, medication preparation and delivery, patient care services, medication safety, medication use policy, financial performance, human resource management, and education. McKesson also offers an advanced version of this tool exclusively to its customers.
McKesson Corporation


Antimicrobial IV Connector

Baxter receives FDA 510(k) clearance for its V-Link luer-activated device (LAD) with VitalShield, a needleless IV connector containing an antimicrobial coating that has been shown to kill 99.9% of specific common pathogens known to cause catheter-related blood stream infections, including MRSA. V-Link is coated on both its inner and outer surfaces with the proprietary VitalShield silver technology. Reduction in colonization or microbial growth on the device has not been shown to correlate with a reduction in infections. Baxter plans to launch the V-Link device with VitalShield coating in the U.S. beginning in the first half of 2008. 
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Tamper-Evident Labels

EPS releases its TampAlerT Labels, which allow for visual tamper detection on vials, bottles, and jars, as well as boxes, envelopes, and paper and plastic bags and blood and urine collection tubes. The labels’ acrylic adhesive bonds quickly to surfaces and the labels’ serrated edges instantly tear if an attempt is made to remove them. TampAlerT Labels can withstand temperatures from -20ºF to over 300ºF and are available in strips and rolls. Eight different sets of labels are available, and custom labels can be design to meet your specifications.      
EPS, Inc.   


Lock with Temperature Monitoring Features

CompX introduces its eLock with temperature monitoring, which records temperatures in refrigerators and freezers. Powered by six AA batteries (9-volt), the eLock can be mounted on refrigerators and is available in three models: keypad, magnetic stripe/keypad, and proximity reader/keypad. The temperature monitoring unit has an 8,000-event log. Supervisors can add and delete users at the unit, or they can utilize the optional LockView software, which also enables users to view audit trails of up to 1,500 access attempts, generate charts and graph reports, and set time-based restrictions, dual-credential requirements, and user- access parameters.  The eLock also allows users to “jump start” the battery port to gain refrigerator access when the six AA batteries are exhausted.
CompX Security Products


New EMAR System

Meta Pharmacy Systems releases MetaCare Enterprise eMAR, a Web-based, point-of-care medication administration system. Upon the scan of a patient’s bar coded wristband, MetaCare Enterprise eMAR identifies and verifies the patient, searches for the medications that have been ordered for that patient, and cross-checks for possible drug allergies and interactions. Subsequent scanning of medications verifies the correct drug, dose, route of administration, and schedule.  
Meta Pharmacy Systems


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