The Medi-Dose Group, Medi-Dose/EPS/Vu-Pak

September 2006 : The State of Pharmacy Automation - Vol.3 No. 6

Think Big! Think Small! From Mini to JUMBO, Medi-Dose has it all. All the sizes! All the convenience! All the safety! Whether you’re dispensing half-tabs, small, pediatric and geriatric doses OR large-sized medications, triple “O” capsules, AIDS drugs, compounded meds, or veterinary pharmaceuticals, Medi-Dose can accommodate your needs. We now have four different Medi-Cup blister sizes and 10 different styles for you to use. Available in both one-year dating and Nultraviolet (UV inhibitant) styles, the new Mini and JUMBO Medi-Cup® blisters provide you maximum protection from light and moisture with no sacrifice in label information and bar coding capabilities — all this while using your current Medi-Dose supplies.

EPS’s full array of imprinted resealable and Nultraviolet® UV inihibitant bags are available in a variety of sizes for the protection and transfer of medication. They range from 2” x 2” to 13” x 15”. They’re available clear with white writing blocks, or with a variety of color imprints. Freeze, IV, STAT, Refrigerate, Return to Pharmacy, and PRN are just a few of the many printed bags we offer. We also stock resealable narcotic return envelopes, as well as chemotherapy, biohazard, and laboratory specimen bags. All of these bags complement our popular assortment of Nultraviolet UV inihibitant bags. They’re stocked from 2” x 8” to 11” x 18”.

The new MINI LiquiDose® label was designed primarily for use with syringes and ampoules. When used with our new MILT Version 2.2 by Medi-Dose software, this 1/2” x 1 1/4” label can accommodate three lines of text with up to 25 characters per line. And, if bar coding is a necessity, MINI LiquiDose can contain two lines of text and a complete bar code, plus packager’s identification and beyond-use dating! Mini LiquiDose can be imprinted with any laser or ink jet printer — no new equipment is needed! The labels have been sized correctly so they won’t occlude syringe markings or fluid levels or tear away from the syringe!

New SHRINKSAFE® ID Bands help reduce medication errors involving paralytic agents, high-alert, and look-alike meds. SHRINKSAFE easily wraps around various sized vials. Bright orange bands are designed for 10-ml bottles containing high-alert paralytic agents. Sharp green bands are for concentrated high-alert medication, drugs requiring further dilution, or electrolytes dispensed in specialized care settings. Two sizes of clear bands have a variety of applications for virtually all types of IV bottles and vials. The orange and green bands’ distinctive color alerts practitioners that medications require special handling. The clear bands can be used with a broader selection of high-alert medications, while providing the same level of protection. Quick exposure to heat shrinks the band to the vial’s shape, without obstructing the manufacturer’s label. Simply peel the band’s pull-tab and the medication is ready to use.

EPS’s Steri-Dropper® sterile ophthalmic dispensing containers are available in 3-ml, 7-ml, 10-ml, and 15-ml sizes. All four sizes of Steri-Dropper bottles are manufactured from a special zinc stearate-free resin. This special plastic minimizes the risk of particulate forming in solution with certain ophthalmic preparations. We package all the bottles, tips and caps in blisters packs of two rather than in bags of 12 or 20, so you can prepare just what you need. You don’t need to expose or use 12 or 20 bottles when you only have to make a couple of solutions!


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