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April 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 4

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
Accsense introduces the Sub-Sampling feature to its Web-based, wireless temperature monitoring system. This feature allows users to designate separate time intervals for alarm-checking and data logging, while saving data four times a day, to simplify logging activities for regulatory compliance and product security. Users can check conditions in freezers, refrigerators, and incubators from any Web browser, and alarm notifications can be received by e-mail, phone, or pager if problems arise. 

Accsense, Inc.

Storage Systems   
Spacesaver introduces the modular FrameWRX Storage System for pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment. FrameWRX is comprised of a basic frame and rail, and accommodates a variety of storage accessories, including standard bins, hanging plastic bins, peg-board hooks, and slat-wall accessories. Features include adjustable shelves and customizable work surfaces. Components can be rearranged without tools. A high-density option is also available.

Spacesaver Corporation


High-Capacity Automated Dispensing Cabinet  
McKesson launches two new lines of high-capacity drawers for its AcuDose-Rx automated medication cabinets. The half-height detecting and open matrix drawers can double cabinet line-item capacity and reduce restocking frequency. Ideal for medications that do not require high-level security, the detecting drawers store items in pockets with unlocked clear, plastic lids. If the incorrect pocket is opened, an advisory screen alerts the user.   

McKesson Corporation


Drug Information Software   
Gold Standard has integrated its Clinical Pharmacology drug information database with FormChecker, a Web-based formulary management and communication system that allows pharmacists to update formularies, guidelines, alerts, and other pharmacy information, with changes available in real time over the Internet, in print, and on Palm and Pocket PC PDAs. FormChecker also includes integrated drug information and health plan formulary information for more than 180 covered patients.

Gold Standard Inc.


Web-Based Dashboard for Temperature Monitoring    
New from E-Control Systems, FusionLive offers a single platform for monitoring temperatures, humidity, pressure, and leaks, as well as electrical power interruption, in refrigeration equipment. Wireless sensors transmit information to FusionLive, allowing users to view the system’s dashboard interface, as well as generate reports and graphs, from any networked computer or remote desktop. E-mail, pager, or cell phone alerts can ensure medication protection.   

E-Control Systems, Inc.


Cleaning Wipes  
ITW Texwipe introduces Sterile TexChlor AL, a point-of-use, pre-wetted, non-corrosive bleach wiper for cleaning controlled environments. TexChlor AL’s delivery system allows the end-user to pre-wet wipers with a non-caustic bleach solution. The package consists of three compartments – the first containing DI water, the second containing a dry chemical, and the third containing wipers.

ITW Texwipe


Lotion Bottles  
EPS announces six new sizes of lotion bottles, from 2 to 32 ounces (60 to 960 mL). The bottles’ Spout-Seal flip top directs the flow of fluid. Manufactured from a low-density polyethylene, EPS Lotion Bottles can be used for body lotions, alcohol, surgical soaps, and mouthwashes, among other fluids.

EPS, Inc.


Mobile Computing Carts   
Ergotron launches the StyleView 31 and 32 powered and non-powered point-of-care computing carts. Lightweight and maneuverable and with a MSRP of $1,399, the StyleView 31 is available for both notebook and flat-panel monitor configurations and with an optional electronic locking drawer. With an MSRP of $2,499, the StyleView 32 is available in notebook and flat panel monitor configurations and with one or two electronic locking drawers.

Ergotron, Inc.


Point-of-Care Cart  
Artromick introduces the NX10 WorkStation, a mobile, point-of-care computer cart. The lightweight cart features an open platform for a variety of computing solutions, an extended power system with over 10 hours of battery life, secure storage areas, and a large work surface.

Artromick, Inc.  


Hazardous Waste Identification Software   
PharmWaste Technologies’ Waste-ID software can assist pharmacy in identifying pharmaceutical hazardous waste using RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) guidelines and best management practices. The software is run locally within the pharmacy, and updates are easily assessable online. Users can select from multiple industry guidelines to generate an output specific to their situation.

PharmWaste Technologies, Inc.


Gambro’s PrismaSate line offers six dialysate formulas specifically designed for continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT). Each bar coded five-liter, two-compartment bag contains electrolytes and bicarbonate in easy-to-mix solutions that can reduce pharmacy labor and the potential for human error. No additional syringes, lines, or sterile water are needed.   

Gambro, Inc.

Upgraded Medication Management Software   
Mediware announces the availability of version 3.0 of its medication management software suite, offering data integration and functional improvements for better tracking of medication orders, administrations, and histories. The suite includes: MediREC, an automated medication reconciliation solution; WORx, a pharmacy management system; MediMAR for bedside administration and documentation; and MediCOE, an electronic clinician ordering system. Enhancements include updated safe medication practices information, improved medication profiles and clinical information, increased alerts and notifications, and upgraded screens and

Mediware Information Systems, Inc.


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