New & Noteworthy: September 2008

September 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 9

Wireless Transport Monitoring Solution

CIMScan6, a web-based monitoring system from CIMTechniques,meets the emerging transport monitoring demand of medical facilities. The system components include wireless intelligent sensors and data loggers, remote monitoring stations, alert messaging, and custom web-based software to monitor the temperature of perishable materials while the cooler or truck is en route.The sensors continuously send the current temperature measurements to the server, where information is processed, recorded, and made available for display and alerts staff of any abnormal conditions. These components create a turn-key system that ensures the safe delivery of sensitive materials between two locations.

CIMTechniques, Inc.

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Images Available for Medication Labels

Auxilary images are now available to customers using Medi-Dose’s MILT 3.0 software to label their bar coded, unit-dose medications.Users may add auxiliary images to their label design, as well as common dispensing information and warnings.

 Medi-Dose/EPS, Inc.

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DOT and EPA Compliant Returns

Guaranteed Return’s Disposal Link “Greener Earth” policy utilizes co-generation incineration technology, which converts waste products into usable electric energy via high-temperature incineration. Disposal Link ensures that your facility remains compliant with the latest DOT and EPA regulations pertaining to the disposition of non-creditable products. These products include, but are not limited to, Rx, OTC, HBC, med/surg, controlled substances, and hazardous consumer commodities.

Guaranteed Returns

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Bar Coded Blood Product Administration

IntelliDOT Corporation introduces the IntelliDOT Blood Product Administration (IntelliDOT BPA). This new solution is a point-of-care transfusion safety management system composed of computers, a software application, wireless handheld bar code scanners and wireless printers. Through the use of bar codes, IntelliDOT BPA ensures blood samples are drawn from the correct patients, assists laboratory personnel in accurate matching of blood samples with correct blood or blood products, and assists nursing personnel in administering blood or blood products to the correct patient. It also enables the immediate documentation of any adverse reaction data when needed.IntelliDOT BPA helps hospitals meet Joint Commission standards for patient identification.

IntelliDOT Corporation

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CSP Testing Kit

Hardy Diagnostics’ HardyVal Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSP) Media Kits assess the risk of microbial contamination of your CSPs. One kit supplies what is needed to test the proficiency of one technician or pharmacist. The kits are available in high-, medium-, and low-risk levels; and a results log sheet is included in each kit.

Hardy Diagnostics

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Chemotherapy C.A.C.I.

IsoTech Design’s ChemoSphere is a negative pressure IsoClass4 C.A.C.I. with unidirectional flow in both the working chamber and the antechamber. ChemoSphere is compliant with the USP 797, NIOSH and OSHA regulations for chemo compounding and operational safety, and does not need to be in an IsoClass 7 cleanroom. ChemoSphere is offered in 4-, 6-, and 8-footmodels with alarms, interlocks, and several options available.

IsoTech Design Inc.

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Software for Automated Dispensing Cabinets

McKesson announces upgrades to the AcuDose-Rx medication cabinets. New Connect-Rx version 6.8 software features AcuDose-Rx Fast Entry biometric identification to access the cabinet’s contents, connectivity to The Drug Reference Library from First Data Bank, and substitution flexibility,directing a user to substitute two approved 10mg tablets when the cabinet is out of 20mg tablets of the same medication. The Scan to Restock and the Scan on Dispense capabilities help verify that the right drug is being stored in the right pocket. In addition, all cabinets institution-wide can be searched for needed medication.

McKesson Corporation

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Electronic Medical Directory

MDecisions LLC introduces MDirectory, an electronic medical directory of physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, and managed care providers.

Updated daily, the database has nearly one million listings and NPI numbers for over 700,000 physicians. The desktop version operates on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Its handheld version operates on most devices, including Palm and Blackberry.

MDecisions, LLC

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Pharmaceutical Returns Credit Program

Guaranteed Returns introduces the ReverseLink One Accelerated Credit Program, which eliminates invoices and out-of-pocket expenses, and deducts fees only from credits received. This program also offers free shipping and disposal, and allows customers to monitor receiving, processing, shipping,and crediting activities, as well as generate reports of pharmaceutical returns via a web-based interface.

Guaranteed Returns

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Hazardous Waste Analysis Software

PharmWaste Technologies announces the availability of version 4.8 for their Waste-ID software suite. Waste-ID assists pharmacies in identifying which pharmaceuticals are hazardous waste by RCRA and BMP guidelines. New features include statistical analysis of pharmaceutical waste along with easy to follow graphs and charts, which analyze your pharmacy’s inventory information regarding RCRA waste, BMP waste, waste streams, EPA waste codes, dual waste, and overall waste.

PharmWaste Technologies, Inc.

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Electronic Controlled Substance Ordering System

PharMEDium Services, LLC announces an electronic 222 (e-222)controlled substance ordering system for its entire line of Schedule II Controlled Substances. The e-222 enables real-time ordering, versus the traditional paper forms, and reduces the time it takes to receive an order.Hospitals interested in e-222 must obtain a digital certificate from the DEA to participate.

PharMEDium Services, LLC

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Needle-Free Transfer Device

West’s Vial2Bag device is a needle-free transfer system that eliminates potential needle-stick injuries and helps ensure the accurate reconstitution of powdered or lyophilized drugs. The Vial2Bag can be used with any type of bag and IV set. A repeat access luer connection allows sterility to be maintained inside of the system.

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

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Infection Control Solution

The SafetySurveillor, a HAI surveillance system from the Premier healthcare alliance, detects and monitors healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) via a Web-based application. The SafetySurveillor helps hospitals meet state-mandated public reporting of certain HAIs, including screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile, and allows hospitals to alert staff and facilitate interventions to reduce and prevent infections.

Premier, Inc.

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Online Pharmaceutical Returns Analysis

National Pharmaceutical Returns (NPR), a full service,off-site reverse distributor, announces upgrades to their web-based return goods analysis. New features include inventory controls via bar code scanning of returns to NPR for processing, the ability to scan controls to your online DEA Biennial Inventory System, and the ability to view grades on the manufacturer’s return goods policy.

National Pharmaceutical Returns, Inc.

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Point-of-Care PC

Tangent Inc. introduces the Medix 1700SF a lightweight,17-inch, touch screen, point-of-care PC with a Core 2 Duo Processor. The Medix1700SF includes an antibacterial plastic housing, LCD, and sealed ports that make the computer resistant to water damage. The 15.2-pound computer is light enough for cart-based applications, and meets UL6061-1 and EN60601-1certifications for patient safety.

Tangent, Inc.

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Pneumatic Tube Bin Liner

Swisslog introduces a bin liner for its six-inch TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System that provides easier spill cleanup of the station’s interior. The non-porous liner insert can be removed for cleaning,eliminating wear-prone station carpet and padding. The station bin liner kit includes the station bin, station ramp cover, and hardware and installation instructions.


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Unit Dose Packaging

Medi-Dose introduces Oval Medi-Cup Blisters and Lid-Label Cover Sheets for unit dose packaging. The blisters and cover sheets are tamper-evident, moisture-resistant, and ultraviolet-inhibitive.

Medi-Dose/EPS, Inc.

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Biosafety Cabinets

Labconco introduces the Purifier LogicClass II Biosafety Cabinets, which are suitable for workwith agents requiring Biosafety level 1, 2, or 3 containment. An LCDinformation center displays operating para­meters, including the percent offilter capacity re­maining, and the intelligent motor technology maintainsprecise airflow. The Purifier Logic Series Cabinets are available in 3-, 4-,5-, and 6-foot bench models and are NSF listed.

Labconco Corporation

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Personal Protective Equipment

The KleenGuard A30 Breath­­able Splash and Particle Protection Stretch Coverall from Kimberly-Clark features stretch panels under the arms and across the back to increase range of motion and improve fit. The coveralls offer dry particulate protection and are available in a variety of sizes from medium to XXXXL.

Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

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