Showstoppers from the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting

January 2006 - Vol. 3 No. 1

A seemingly endless amount of new products and services are launched at the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting each year. Because we know that you cannot possibly visit every booth and evaluate every new product—some of you could not even leave the pharmacy to make the trip to Las Vegas—PP&P is highlighting some of our favorites from the exhibit floor.

One-Step Suspending System
With Gallipot’s SyrSpendSF, a one-step sweetened suspending system that is sugar-free and buffered to pH 4.2 for enhanced compatibility, suspending agents and sweetener are combined into one bottle for ease of use and thorough mixing. SyrSpendSF’s low osmolality (<50 mOsmol) can decrease the chance of patient diarrhea, and consequently reduce electrolyte loss and dehydration. The patent-pending Active Suspending Technology (AST) assists in preparing a uniform suspension that will re-suspend easily with minimal shaking. SyrSpendSF is available unflavored or in cherry or grape flavors, and contains less than one calorie per teaspoonful, with minimal carbohydrate content.
Gallipot, Inc.

Waste-Management Technology
A fully automated integrated technology solution for efficient and cost-effective pharmaceutical waste management, Vestara’s EcoRex identifies, classifies, sorts, and stores pharmaceutical waste. EcoRex accesses a proprietary database of over 132,000 NDCs to enable hospital personnel to dispose of spent drugs and sharps in accordance with federal and state laws. EcoRex can help hospitals improve waste-management processes and controls, eliminate personnel oversights and risk of fines for non-compliance, and reduce disposal costs. EcoRex will be available in both cart and wall-based models.

Application for Simplifying 797 Compliance
Pharmacy OneSource’s Simplifi 797 is a Webbased application designed to simplify the QA processes and documentation needed to meet USP Chapter <797> requirements, and was developed in conjunction with <797> expert, Eric Kastango, RPh, MBA, FASHP. Simplifi 797 manages task scheduling and monitoring, and automates the reporting of exceptions and compliance. The program notifies users of out-ofrange measurements and overdue tasks, including cleaning and environmental monitoring procedures. In addition, practice-based policies and procedures are integrated into the application, including staff competencies, environmental monitoring, and media qualification.
Pharmacy OneSource

Refrigerator Temperature Monitor
Hampshire Controls’ Model 140 series of single-probe digital temperature monitors span a temperature range of -200 to +400 C. Alarms are both audio and visual, with user-adjustable high and low set points, mute periods, and initial alarm delays. Optional features include password-protected parameters, readout in degrees Fahrenheit, N.O./N.C. relay with programmable delay period, battery back-up, 4 to 20 mA output, an Ethernet interface, and external contact closure input for the door alarm switch.
Hampshire Controls Circle

Wireless Mobile-Computing Cart for Medication Dispensing
Artromick formally launches the Initi Mobile Computing MedServer, which melds the features of mobile computing workstations or COWs with the security and organization of medication carts. With an 18-inch-wide footprint, the compact device also features configurable, patient-specific medication drawers with keyless access; automatic relocking capabilities; and a Pentium M computing system with a 17-inch interface in both the standard and touchscreen models; electronic height adjustment; and an extended-life battery.
Artromick International

Barrier Isolator for Compounding Hazardous Drugs
Baker’s ChemoSHIELD Model CS500 offers a contained, negative-pressure work area suitable for chemotherapy agents or IV admixtures that can be harmful to pharmacy personnel. It creates a unidirectional HEPA-filtered airflow of better-than-ISO-Class-5 air-cleanliness conditions within the negative-pressure chamber to prevent migration of hazardous contaminants to the outside and to minimize cross-contamination across the direct compounding area. The 5-footwide isolator offers a two-glove position in the main chamber, while the original 6-foot-wide Model CS600 offers a threeglove position.
The Baker Company Circle

New Model Mobile Computer Workstation
Lionville’s iCarts are now available in two styles, with storage configurations for one to four tiers of drawers. An iCart can function as a mobile computer workstation only, or as a combination workstation with medication-cart security features, including keyless entry, automated relocking, and individual patient drawers. Features include unobstructed workspaces, articulating keyboard trays with two-way mouse pads, multipivot computer arms, and a various storage bins and brackets.
Lionville Systems

System to Validate IV Medications
Baxa now distributes, through an agreement with CDEX, the ValiMed Medication Validation System, which is designed to validate IV medication type and strength, detect counterfeit products for brand protection, and provide quality assurance for compounded products. The ValiMed Device verifies medications in seconds, providing an added level of safety in the medication-use process. The system also assists with detection of narcotic loss.
Baxa Corporation Circle

Aid for Dispensing Liquids Into Oral Syringes
EPS’s Press-In Bottle Adapter aids in dispensing liquids from stock bottles into oral syringes, and is available in three sizes: 24mm,28mm,and33mm. Simply press the adapter into the bottle’s opening, attach the oral syringe to the adapter’s port, and withdraw the dose.
EPS, Inc. Circle

Intelligent Pharmacy Shelving
IntelliShelf-Rx from McKesson helps pharmacists streamline manual tasks, reduce medication errors, and enable electronic inventory manage-
ment. Once a pharmacist or technician scans a desired medication’s bar code, IntelliShelfRx’s RF-enabled “guiding light” technology indicates the correct
bin, simplifying and increasing the accuracy of the picking and stocking of medications.
McKesson Automation

Label System for Ampoules, Vials, and Syringes
MPIs new Clear Stem Flag Label bar codes ampoules, vials, and syringes without obstructing important medication information. Utilizing MPI’s Pharmacy Accessory Label Printer and WinPakUD bar code labeling software, the labels can be printed with up to six lines of text and a bar code.
Medical Packaging Inc.

Air Samplers for Environmental Testing
Designed to determine the presence of viable, airborne microorganisms in critical areas, Millipore’s compact and lightweight M Air T testers impact microorganisms onto a large agar surface, allowing air sampling of up to 1 m3. The testers feature extended-life batteries and delay timers to minimize the risk of secondary contamination. The integrated grid facilitates easier colony counting, and the included calibration kit contains a flow meter, flow-rate correction table, instruction manual, calibration sieve, and calibration certificate.
Millipore Corporation Circle

Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation
Germfree’s BV Series vertical laminar flow workstation features a 34-inch high by 30inch deep work area, designed to accommodate all commercially available automated compounding devices. Outlets and cable pass-through ports of any size can be added to either side or the rear of the units to allow for the use of electronic equipment inside the work area. The BV features a full-coverage supply HEPA filter for an ISO Class 5 work environment. BV series LAFWs are available in 3-, 4-, and 6-foot lengths and include an integrated stand and locking cleanroom grade castors. As with all of Germfree’s pharmacy products, BV series hoods are constructed of welded stainless steel with a pharmaceutical grade finish.
Germfree Circle

Data-Analysis and -Trending Tool for ADMs
Pandora Data Systems helps pharmacists proactively detect drug diversion, simplify regulatory compliance, and streamline access to critical decision and support information. Because Pandora can store years’ worth of information, users can identify long-term trends in controlled-substance access, medication usage, and other dispensing-system activities by med, user, nursing unit, doctor, patient, and more. Pandora will launch regular updates to its existing Pyxis platform, and in early 2006, will introduce Pandora for AcuDose and Pandora for Omnicell.
Pandora Data Systems Circle


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