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September 2009 - Vol. 6 No. 9

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Centrak announces the release of its Temp­erature Tag (TempTag) for use with its InTouchCare 2.0 asset tracking system. TempTag is able to track, wirelessly report, and help ensure correct temperature levels of refrigerators and freezers. The devices generate alerts when the temperature goes above or below preset parameters, and provide temperature logs that eliminate human error and the cost of manual temperature documentation. TempTag’s ability to monitor a large range of temperatures, from cryogenic to room temperature, means no additional monitoring devices are needed.

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Pharmacy Education Web Site
Baxter introduces a clinical education program that provides clinical information support for US pharmacy managers, clinical pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. The program features, a Web site created to provide a comprehensive source for industry news, drug delivery and infusion therapy information, patient safety issues, and other materials. Site features include best practices, Webinar series, access to interviews and Q&A sessions with industry experts, and highlights of some of the best facilities in the country.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Solution
Healthcare Waste Solutions and Vestara announce a partnership to incorporate the Vestara EcoRex NS Automated Pharmaceutical Waste Management System into Healthcare Waste Solutions’ Complete Waste Solution program. The EcoRex NS uses bar code technology to track drug utilization and prevent medication errors, and it uses a proprietary, continuously updated database of more than 160,000 NDC products to categorize pharmaceutical waste at the time of presentation. The Complete Waste Solution provides specific data on waste stream weights, volumes, price, and true cost as they relate to a health system’s total waste spend. In addition, it provides operational assessment, recommendations, and training based on patient and employee safety as well as environmental regulatory compliance as they relate to the collection, handling, movement, and storage of waste within health care systems.

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International Pharmacology Data
Lexi-Comp has partnered with RPS Publishing to deliver the international pharmacology data found in Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference within Lexi-Comp ONLINE, a Web-based application for hospitals and health systems. Martindale covers medications from over 40 countries and regions. The database contains over 6,500 drug monographs, 181,000 proprietary preparations, 48,000 references,  and 19,000 manufacturers’ details. Monographs include Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System (ATC) numbers to help readers refer to other information systems. Other fields of information include Physical Characteristics, Cyrillic Names, Adverse Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Uses, and Administration.

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NDC Translating Software
RxScan introduces its NDC Translator software in a Windows OS PC version. Previously it was available only embedded in NDC Smart bar code scanners. The PC version is for hospital and outpatient pharmacy use. This software enables the output of most NDC number bar code reading scanners to be turned into an 11-digit NDC number, which a software system uses for identifying a medication. The NDC Translator helps simplify Medicare/Medicaid 11-digit NDC number billing requirement compliance and inventory tracking.

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Compounded Sterile Preparations
PharMEDium announces the availability of intrathecal compounded sterile preparations for chronic pain management and treatment of spasticity, in a variety of syringe sizes. LAL pyrogen testing is done on all powder-based solutions and a nitrogen sparging process is used with certain drug preparations to remove dissolved oxygen and enhance stability. Intrathecal services available include Baclofen, Bupivacaine, Clonidine, Droperidol, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Ketamine, Meperidine, Meth­adone, Morphine, Ropivacaine, Sufentanil, Tetracaine, and Ziconotide.

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Bar Code Labeling System
Talyst’s AutoLabel bar code labeling system enables bar coding for all medication forms, including traditionally difficult items such as syringes, ointments, eye drops, and inhalers. AutoLabel uses transferrable flag labels for vials and ampoules, allowing a bar code to be peeled off an ampoule and placed on a syringe for administration. Both one- and two-dimensional bar code symbologies are supported.

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Dry Ice Alternative Packaging
Entropy Solutions introduces a variation of its PureTemp renewable phase change material (PCM) that replaces dry ice and maintains a consistent payload temperature of -40°F for deep frozen product in transit. Reusable up to 20,000 times, PureTemp produces zero emissions and is a 100% renewable, biodegradable PCM. PureTemp is not restricted in any mode of transportation as part of the GREENBOX Thermal Management System, and requires no special handling. PureTemp is safe for use with any product, including pharmaceuticals, plasma, and clinical devices.

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IV to PO Medication Conversion
Merrion Pharmaceuticals’ Gastrointestinal Perm­eation Enhancement Technology (GIPET) allows drugs that are currently only available parenterally to be converted into oral forms. It also improves the absorption of current oral drugs. GIPET uses specifically designed oral formulations of absorption enhancers that activate micelle formation facilitating transport of drug and increased absorption with good reproducibility and a strong safety profile.

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Clinical Surveillance Tool Upgrade
Pharmacy OneSource announces the addition of advanced rule logic to its Sentri7 Web-based clinical surveillance software application. With the new advanced rule logic feature, Sentri7 users can now combine AND and OR functions into a single list. With Sentri7, clinicians have a single point of access to lab results, medication records, and patient demographics—data that currently reside in different systems. Clinicians can write rules against the data to identify at-risk patients.

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Inventory Management Software
Swisslog has released its next generation of Inventory Management Software (IMS) for the hospital pharmacy. The software controls in­­ventory costs, aids workflow efficiency, and enhances patient safety. The software provides a “perpetual inventory” approach specifically designed for hospital medication flow. Swisslog’s IMS will automate reordering of drugs directly with the hospital’s pharmaceutical wholesaler. All inventory movements from the warehouse to dispensing, stock levels, remote inventory, and replenishment orders are recorded and tracked.

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Workflow Management System Upgrades
Baxa announces the release of upgrades to its IntelliFlowRx workflow management system, which is used in pharmacy-based IV admixture preparation. The latest upgrade adds a number of features including the ability to define specific workflows for different types of doses within the health-system pharmacy (ie, preparation modes and drug delivery routes). This enables customers to prepare oral liquid doses using IntelliFlowRx. The system can also manage “dose kitting” processes for pharmacies that assemble sets of doses and their specific ingredients outside of their IV room. The upgrade also provides audio alerts that inform pharmacy technicians of potential errors or discrepancies.

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Organizational Surveillance System
Rees Scientific introduces its Centron SQL Software build 1014. The new software offers multi-level floor plans allowing users to view a specific room, floor, facility, or the entire global organization. One can see different departments or sites that are being monitored through the Centron EMS by looking at just one screen. This is done through the new Tree View Control System, which displays a hierarchy of nodes to users. This layout allows the overview needed to maintain larger scale systems by letting users click directly to any node, department, or map on the Tree View Control System. Users now have the ability to see real-time alarms wherever they occur within the organization.

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