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November 2010 - Vol. 7 No. 11 - Page #48
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Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Cooper-Atkins announces its upgraded TempTrak version 4.4 wireless monitoring system. Enhancements include support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 operation systems and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. One of the new features in version 4.4 is the alert notification tree that allows for standard operating procedures to be included in email and remote pop-up notifications for all transmitters. TempTrak 4.4 also has speed enhancements for commonly accessed data pages such as current sensor readings, sensor attributes, and QA reporting.

Cooper-Atkins Corporation
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Flag and Receipt Labels
Medi-Dose/EPS announces its new LiquiDose flag and receipt labels designed to accommodate practically any medication container. The flag label has a large, two-sided printing area with a long, thin tail that attaches the label to the item. Using Medi-Dose MILT 3.0 software, information can even be printed on the tail of the flag that wraps around the dispensed item. Every flag has a receipt portion that can be applied to charts, records, or the original packaging for tracking, and accountability, or used as a secondary label. Flags are available for either laser or direct thermal printers.

Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc
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Drug-waste Compliance
WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc, a Waste Management company, announces its enhanced drug waste compliance services. WM offers new on-site and computer-based training modules, and experienced waste-approvals staff will take the guesswork out of pharmaceutical waste management—from categorization to collection, transport, and treatment.

Waste Management
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  Automatic Vial Filler
TCGRx introduces its AVF-64 automatic vial filler, capable of handling 64 to 82 of your top oral solid medications. The AVF-64 software interfaces with your pharmacy information system to pre-count and pre-stage prescriptions for improved efficiency. STAT prescriptions are filled immediately through the system’s prescription priority handling. The software also tracks medication par levels, provides perpetual inventory management, and can handle partial fills and back orders.

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Drug Library Management
Zynx Health Device Network introduces Prime-A-Pump, a Web-based drug library management solution for IV medications, designed to streamline the development and ongoing maintenance of smart pump drug libraries and reduce drug errors associated with infused medications. This collaborative tool and information resource provides guidance for configuring the safety limits within a smart pump’s drug library software, featuring detailed, context-specific drug information. Organizations using Prime-A-Pump have unlimited access to the system, including drug library recommendations at the local level, virtual conversations with colleagues, and recommendation voting.

Zynx Health, Inc
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Quality Assurance for High-risk CSPs
Q.I. Medical announces its non-sterile TSB powder to support USP Chapter <797> required QA activities. This powder is intended for use as part of a high-risk media-fill test procedure. The USP-grade powder is packaged in convenient three-gram foil pouches, and each pouch, when mixed with 100 mL of nonbacteriostatic water, yields 3% non-sterile solution of growth media.

Q.I. Medical, Inc
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Drug Identification System
Centice announces the launch of its PINPOINT Rx system. Combining spectroscopy hardware technology, analytical software, and internal databases, PINPOINT Rx captures the special signature of a prescription drug and checks it against a known database. PINPOINT Rx is designed to assist in identifying whole pills, pills with no markings, fragments of pills, or other unknown chemical substances. The complete process is done in seconds and can be performed at the patient site using the small device.

Centice Corporation
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Expanded Formulary Information
Baxa Corporation introduces enhancements to its FormularyPlus drug information manager contained within the DoseEdge system. FormularyPlus uses NDC bar codes and other critical drug information for instant, correct identification of IV and oral liquid drugs during compounding. The new functionality enables dose safety gains for compounding IVs, chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, and oral liquid doses. The program lists 14,000 products—over 9,000 of which are oral liquid products, expiration profiles for BUD calculation, and expiration labeling of opened multi-use source containers.

Baxa Corporation
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Wireless Temperature Sensor Calibration
Veracity Group Inc introduces a new auto-NIST calibration (ANC) feature built-in to its VersaTrak wireless temperature monitoring system. The ANC feature allows the user to set prescheduled or on-demand NIST calibration tests for any single sensor or group of sensors. VersaTrak then provides reports detailing who ordered it, when the test was performed, and the data results. All results are archived in the system and can be reviewed at any time.

Veracity Group Inc
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Clinical Surveillance Service
Pyxis Advisor from CareFusion is built on the patient event advisor platform, an automated clinical surveillance service that monitors patients’ therapy against evidence-based rules and delivers alerts related to infectious disease, anticoagulation, renal screening, electrolyte abnormalities, and other clinical conditions. Pyxis Advisor analyzes clinical data and informs nurses at the Pyxis MedStation system when patients may be at risk for a potential adverse drug event. By monitoring inpatient information, the pharmacy can expand surveillance efforts hospital-wide.

CareFusion Corporation
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Medication Reconciliation
Medacist Solutions Group announces the availability of RxAuditor 360, an accurate, close to real-time drug auditing system. RxAuditor 360 enables a hospital to reconcile prescription-dispensing transactions with prescription administration to improve patient safety. The system identifies medication dispenses with no matching administrations and medication administrations without corresponding dispenses. RxAuditor 360 helps reduce drug diversion, medication errors, and workflow inefficiencies providing for safe medication practices.

Medacist Solutions Group, LLC
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Mobile Computing Workstation
Metro announces its new Flo 1760Rx workstation with SecureRx Med Module. The mobile computing workstation combines access to real-time information with secure and accurate point-of-care medication delivery. By providing the ability to secure and access each patient’s medication in separate bins, the Flo 1760Rx enables nurses to efficiently deliver multiple medications. The Flo 1760Rx integrates with electronic medication administration records (eMARs), while its locking options increase overall medication security.

Metro Healthcare
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