Practical Solutions to Outpatient Pharmacy Management
June 2011 - Vol. 8 No. 6 - Page #20

Q&A with Jessie Morgan, RPh, MHA
Manager of Outpatient Pharmacy Services

University of Louisville Hospital

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products: What is the best approach to selling hospital administration on the value of an outpatient pharmacy?
Jessie Morgan: The pharmacoeconomic value and the patient and employee benefits are the most important considerations. At the University of Louisville Hospital we created a revenue stream from ED and discharge prescriptions. In our pharmacy computer system we identify the patient base and tally the numbers at the end of the month; the figures are then reported to accounting. We also provide incentives for employees to fill their prescriptions at the outpatient pharmacy. Motivating a high volume of employees to use the in-house pharmacy is key to its long-term success. I am actively involved as part of the team that negotiates employee benefits, and we were able to contract with our pharmacy benefit manager to establish lower copays for employees using the outpatient pharmacy.

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