Optimize Discharge Medication Reconciliation
October 2011 - Vol. 8 No. 10 - Page #30

Q&A with Laura Britton, 


Pharmacy Purchasing & Products: What is the ideal role for pharmacy in medication reconciliation?
Laura Britton:
Relying solely on pharmacists to manage medication reconciliation can create staffing challenges, but as the medication experts, pharmacists are in an ideal position to spearhead the process. At University of Utah Health Care, pharmacy interns perform the admission medication reconciliation, with inpatient pharmacists’ oversight, and outpatient pharmacists from our hospital outpatient pharmacy are responsible for the discharge medication reconciliation. If the patient desires, prescriptions are filled at the outpatient pharmacy and are delivered to the patient’s hospital room where counseling by the outpatient pharmacist takes place, although the pharmacist will counsel regardless of whether the patient fills the medications in our pharmacy. Technicians assist the outpatient pharmacist in gathering insurance information, obtaining prior authorizations, facilitating patient assistance, picking up and delivering prescriptions, and other technical duties. 

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