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Mobile Interface for Temperature Monitoring
Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Vaisala introduces viewLinc 4.0 continuous monitoring system software, featuring a fully optimized interface for mobile phones, including a dashboard, simple drag-and-drop utility, and easy-to-use visual location-based reporting. viewLinc provides monitoring with alarming, real-time trending, and secure records with audit for freezers, ultra-low freezers, refrigerators, coolers, and cold rooms. The interface allows users to display and view each monitored location over a photograph of the area or a floor plan map. viewLinc 4.0 has customizable reporting functions, including color coding for each area, label graph lines, and threshold values. Users can easily set up preferences for viewing, and schedule alerts delivered via mobile text, PC display, dial-out, and audible and visual alarms. The viewLinc continuous monitoring system can also be used for thermal mapping and validation.

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