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May 2011

Medication Storage Verification Software

Pharmacy Ideas Computing, LLC

PI Computing introduces its verification soft- ware, RxVerify 9.0, available as an internet- based Web application and as a PC-installed application for institutional pharmacies. The application is a tool used to hardwire quality as- surance for the replenishment of medication storage locations such as kits, anesthesia trays, code carts, emergency drug boxes, RSI kits, and surgical medication carts. RxVerify uses the medication bar code as a control measure for the preven- tion of medication restocking errors including those stemming from look-alike/sound-alike items. The system continually monitors for medications that are near expiration to allow for timely removal prior to use and employs different audible sound alerts at the time of medication scanning to indicate whether the medication scanned equals the one assigned. The program also has an IV-kit checking tool to verify the contents of medications and supplies used to prepare IV medication kits.

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