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December 2011

Contamination Control Flooring System

Dycem Limited

Dycem introduces its new contamination control floor edging system designed to meet the specific requirements of a hospital pharmacy\'s sterile environment. The floor edging offers a clear demarcation zone that is fully audit-compliant, effective in removing foot and wheel contamination, and reducing airborne contamination. Manufactured from polycarbonate, the edging system ensures smooth movement of equipment and carts across the floor. It is resistant to temperature as well as scratches and rub marks. The seal of the flooring prevents the ingress of microbial contamination and stops contaminated liquids from seeping underneath. The flooring is easy to install and remove without trace residue, can be cut to any size, and is ideal for use in environments such as PPE gowning rooms and airlocks. When color-coded zones are required, the edging can be printed in any color and can be fully branded with hospital logos or other details.

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