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November 2012

Patient and Caregiver Education Website

Medtronic (A Cardinal Company)

Covidien has updated its web-based patient and caregiver education resource to offer valuable information in four new clinical categories. The website,, provides resources for addressing common care needs in acute, non-acute, and homecare settings. The expanded resources on the website include information on infant and perinatal care, monitoring for better outcomes, protecting patients and clinicians, and procedure and operating room preparation. Interactive materials, patient care information, and continuing education programs are now available for these four categories of care as well as other conditions such as traumatic wounds, health care associated infections, pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and dehydration. The site offers information on an expanded portfolio of Covidien products for ECG monitoring, neonatal care, needle stick prevention, patient positioning, and OR and chemotherapy protection.

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