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July 2015

IV Automation Analytics


Aesynt launches REINVENT, a registry that provides health care organizations with IV automation analytics through aggregated compounded sterile preparation data. The Registry for Intravenous Technology in Pharmacy (REINVENT) is a global, multi-site data registry aimed at collecting compounded sterile preparation data from hospitals and health systems for evaluation, analysis, and insight. By leveraging the aggregated data collected from Aesynt's i.v.STATION, registry participants can analyze current industry trends and benchmark measures for process improvement. This capability helps these organizations improve operational efficiencies and safety for both employees and patients, while also supporting cost reductions. REINVENT data, which is stripped of site identification and is HIPAA-compliant, will be available to i.v.STATION customers who have opted into the registry. The first subset of data will be available this year.

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