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December 2014

Nitrile Chemo-Rated Exam Gloves
Tronex Healthcare introduces its new Nitrile Chemo-Rated, Powder-Free, Fingertip-Textured Exam Gloves (Series #9696/9830). These gloves are manufactured... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Kit
CAS DataLoggers\' Accsense Continual Monitoring Kit contains an A2-05 Ethernet temperature data logger, compact RTD probe, a NIST calibration certificate,... Read more
Temperature-Controlled Shippers for Pharmacy
Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) introduces KoolTemp GTS Rx, a complete line of cost-effective shipping solutions designed to meet the transport needs of... Read more

November 2014

Battery System for Mobile Carts
Scott-Clark Medical\'s CAPS battery pack allows medication and other point-of care-mobile carts to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike earlier... Read more
Cleaning Wipes
Contec\'s SterileSorb nonwoven wipes are made from strong and durable hydroentangled polyester/cellulose fabric with low levels of particles and extractables.... Read more
Modular Casework
Although Hamilton Sorter\'s modular-Caseworks has the look of built-in millwork, the components can be reconfigured and repurposed as needs change. The... Read more
Modular Concept Cleanroom
Grifols\' Misterium is a modular concept cleanroom designed for mixing sterile preparations and preparing other compounds that require cleanroom conditions.... Read more
Outsourcing Compounder Verification Program
With LDT-CV, the compounder verification program from LDT Health Solutions, subscribers receive annual, independent quality reports that measure their... Read more
RFID by Barcoding Practice
Barcoding, Inc, announces RFID by Barcoding, a new practice for the design, development, implementation, and advancement of Radio Frequency Identification... Read more
Tamper-Evident Syringe Bags
EPS has developed four styles of tamper-evident syringe bags to help pharmacists and nurses provide protection for both IV and oral syringes. Available... Read more
Ventilated Chairs for the Cleanroom
Innotech\'s series of ventilated polyurethane chairs brings ergonomic and thermal comfort to a cleanroom. The chair\'s design features advanced ergonomic... Read more

October 2014

Anti-Fatigue Mats
The Smart Step Healthcare Mats from H.L. Coshatt Company are helpful in any medical setting where prolonged standing may occur. In an industry in which... Read more
Cleanroom Wipes
PROSAT Sterile Low Endotoxin Wipes from Contec are made from 100% knitted polyester Polynit Heatseal wipes presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% water for... Read more
Cleanroom Wipes
ISO-MED\'s new cleanroom wipes are available in two sizes— 9 x 9 inches and 12 x 12 inches — and contain 300 wipes per bag. The dry wipes consist... Read more
Mobile Platform Connects Health Plans and PBMs to Members
RxEOB announces the launch of emWellicsSM, a modular mobile platform that connects managed care plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and payers one-to-one... Read more
Particle Monitor
The AES-1000 Particle Monitor from Kanomax is designed for particulate monitoring in lower-risk areas, such as the gowning area of a cleanroom. The color-coded... Read more
Pharmacy Inventory Management Software
Aesynt (formerly McKesson Automation) announces the addition of Insyte Medication Logistics to the company\'s suite of hospital pharmacy and point-of-care... Read more
ScriptPro and TCGRx Integrate Pharmacy Automation Technologies
ScriptPro and TCGRx announce that they will be partners in a distribution and co-marketing agreement allowing ScriptPro to bring TCGRx adherence packaging... Read more
Secure Drop Cart
This lockable, mobile drug disposal cart from Health Care Logistics helps reduce the risk of drug diversion, tampering, and removal of used medication... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System For Transport
ShockWatch introduces the Web-hosted TrekView Data Management System (DMS) to make monitoring of temperature-sensitive products easy. As a cloud-based... Read more

September 2014

Cleaning Tool
The EasyReach Cleaning Tool from Contec is designed to clean isolators, laminar air flow hoods, cabinets, and other mini environments. Constructed of stainless... Read more
Closed Systems Cleared under FDA‘s ONB Code
Equashield\'s first and second generation CSTDs have been cleared by the FDA under the ONB code and have been substantiated to prevent microbial ingress... Read more
Environmental Monitoring System
The Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring System (CRMS) provides an automated means to monitor and gather airborne particle counts and other parameter levels in... Read more
Graphic Temperature Data Logger
The EL-GFX-1 Graphic Temperature Data Logger from TIP TEMPerature Products shows real-time readings, graphs, and current status, while its micro USB port... Read more
Kit and Tray Management System
MEPS Real-Time Inc, innovator of RFID solutions for hospital pharmacy automation and inventory management, offers the time-saving and error-reducing Intelliguard... Read more
Map of Regulations by State
CriticalPoint announces the launch of Clinical IQ\'s updated, interactive state map, which provides users with a snapshot of each state\'s current regulatory... Read more
Mobile Drive Through Signature App
The Emporos MerchantSoft Mobile Drive Through Signature app was creatively deployed at University of Colorado Hospital to facilitate an employee prescription... Read more
Mobile Nurse Station
CareLink, the newest medication cart offering from Rubbermaid Healthcare, is designed to help nurses save time and more actively engage with patients.... Read more
Pharmacy Kit RFID Scanning Station
Kit Check\'s new RFID scanning station helps streamline the pharmacy kit restocking process. Also known as the Little Blue Box, the station is smaller,... Read more
Transition of Care Solutions
Ateb\'s Transitional Care Solution is designed for pharmacy to intervene with patients who have been discharged from the hospital to help prevent 30-day... Read more

July 2014

Cleanroom Disinfecting Tablets
Attentus disinfectant tablets provide a simple solution for cleanroom surface cleaning. Users simply dissolve half of a tablet in one liter of water to... Read more
Cleanroom Wipers
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals announces the arrival of Pharma-Plus low endotoxin wipers, the newest addition to their USP <797> compatible cleanroom... Read more
Compounding and Powder Containment Hood
Sentry Air Systems\' line of powder containment hoods for non-sterile compounding applications allow users to safely compound, weigh, measure, and encapsulate... Read more
Expanded Inventory Management Platform
Omnicell announces the availability of its expanded Unity enterprise platform, which now includes a central pharmacy inventory management system as part... Read more
Lockable Medication Storage Cabinets
Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks manufactures satellite medication cabinets that may be secured to the walls of dedicated medication rooms or positioned... Read more
Milliliter-Only Oral Dispensers
Comar Oral Dispensers from Health Care Logistics are graduated with milliliter measurements only to eliminate confusion between mL and teaspoon markings... Read more
New Version of Labeling and Bar Coding Software
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces MILT 4 software, the newest, 64-bit compatible version of their labeling and bar coding software. Every feature of the... Read more
Outpatient Dispensing Robot
RxMedic\'s RM64 is a robotic dispensing solution for outpatient pharmacies that is capable of dispensing 300 prescriptions an hour. The robot can count... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
The Centron Presidio all-in-one system from Rees Scientific is a complete monitoring solution that provides enhanced features, greater performance, and... Read more

June 2014

Automated Drug Compounding System
ICU Medical\'s Diana automated drug compounding system is an accurate, safe, and efficient system for hazardous drug and large batch drug preparation.... Read more
Controlled Substance Storage System
Talyst\'s AutoVault Controlled Substance Storage provides controlled access and secure, hospital-wide management for controlled substances. It securely... Read more
Medication Tracking Software
The Pyxis ES Link from CareFusion allows nursing and pharmacy to better track medications, helping to improve patient care. With its ability to remotely... Read more
New Training and Support Portal for Outpatient Point of Sale Software
A redesigned training and support portal is now available to MerchantSoft Point of Sale users at the Emporos website Users with... Read more
Pre-saturated Cleanroom Wipers
Sterile SatPax pre-saturated wipers from Berkshire Corporation help eliminate the health and safety concerns of mixing and storing hazardous liquids. The... Read more
RFID Smart Tag for Kit and Tray Management System
MEPS Real-Time introduces an RFID smart tag that helps improve the automated replenishment of kits, trays, and tackle boxes in the hospital pharmacy. Smaller... Read more
Sterile Cleaning Solution
DECON-QUAT 200C from VAI is an EPA-registered quaternary ammonium solution and a one-step disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, mildew stat, fungicide, virucide,... Read more
System Control Software for Pneumatic Tube Systems
Swisslog Healthcare Solutions announces the launch of the Nexus System Control Software for its TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS). This next-generation... Read more
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Sensors
Primex Wireless introduces PrimexIAQ and PrimexTEMP temperature and humidity monitoring sensors, the latest additions to the Synchronous Network System... Read more
WiFi Transmitters for Wireless Monitoring System
TempTrak Enterprise Wireless Monitoring System from Cooper-Atkins now offers fast, secure WiFi transmitters. The new 802.11 b/g/n platform runs up to 72... Read more

May 2014

Closed System Transfer Device Pediatric Syringe
Equashield\'s new SU-1 is a 1-mL closed system transfer device (CSTD) syringe that offers hazardous drug protection in pediatric oncology settings, where... Read more
Data Logger for Medical Refrigerators and Freezers
Follett Corporation introduces a CDC-compliant digital data logger to use with medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the storage of vaccines and... Read more
Detachable Single Wrap Labels
The Pharma-Comb Single Wrap (SW) label from Schreiner MediPharm is a new, cost-effective label that helps reduce parenteral dispensing errors. The label... Read more
Handheld Bar Code Verifier
The INTEGRA 9580 from Label Vision Systems is a handheld linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar code verifier. The verifier is a high performance handheld... Read more
Handheld Particle Counter
The 3887 handheld particle counter from Kanomax is an economical tool for spot checks in particle-sensitive areas. The counter is pre-programmed with ISO... Read more
Inserts and Liners for Pneumatic Tube System Carriers
Atreo Services introduces a line of durable liners and insert options designed and molded to fit most common brand-name 4-inch and 6-inch hospital pneumatic... Read more
Media-fill Testing Kits
Hardy Diagnostics, an FDA-licensed and ISO-certified biomedical manufacturer, announces HardyVAL Media-Fill Test Kits for USP <797> compliance testing... Read more
Online Pharmacy Casework Design System
Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks introduces an innovative tool for the pharmacy design process. Pharmacy design specialists, dealers, and architects now... Read more
Online Pharmacy Label Printing
Health Care Logistics introduces its free online labeling program,, which offers quick, convenient pharmacy label printing using a desktop... Read more
Sporicidal Disinfectant
PeridoxRTU from Contec is a broad-spectrum, EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide, and fungicide one-step disinfectant and hard... Read more
Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol
ISO-MED announces ISOA16, a new addition to their USP <797>-compliant line of products. The product is 70% sterile alcohol in 16-oz trigger spray... Read more
Storage System for Sterile Supply Rooms
Spacesaver has developed the ActivRAC 7M-SS, a stainless steel storage system that provides more storage capacity in sterile supply rooms. With the carriage... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Kit
CAS Dataloggers announces the new Accsense Temperature Monitoring Kit for temperature monitoring and alarming in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. With... Read more
Unit Dose Drug Packaging Program
Safecor Health launches its regulatory-compliant Custom C-II Packaging Program to address the critical pharmacy operational need for commercial unit-dosed... Read more

April 2014

Automated Compounding System for IV Room
CareFusion announces the new Pyxis IV system to help standardize workflow in the central pharmacy IV room, and securely manage a closed-loop pick, prep,... Read more
Cleanroom Shoe Cleaner
The motorized cleanroom shoe cleaner from Terra Universal makes cleaning shoes fast and easy. The cleaner has an internal HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner,... Read more
Closed System Transfer Device
Equashield II is a closed drug transfer system that helps protect health care professionals from hazardous drug and vapor exposure. The system has a quick... Read more
Compounding Training and Certification Program
Covidien introduces the ChemoPlus Training and Certification Program for compounding hazardous drugs. The new program provides education on safe-handling... Read more
Interactive Voice Response System for Ambulatory Pharmacy
Smart Solutions offers ambulatory pharmacy IVR applications to individual hospitals and hospital chains. Their recent centralized hospital chain implementation... Read more
Outpatient Pharmacy Automation
Emporos Systems Corporation has enhanced its MerchantSoft POS System to include new features that simplify outpatient services by making script delivery... Read more
Pharmacy Casework and Equipment
With an inventory of hundreds of standard modular pieces available in over 20 wood and solid laminates in the pharmacy collection, Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks... Read more
Sterile Water for Cleaning
AquaPur ST from Decon Labs is sterile, purified water for use in dilution of sterile disinfectants for cleanroom applications. The purified water is filtered... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
Cooper-Atkins\' TempTrak Enterprise Wireless Monitoring now offers transmitters and probes for the federally funded Vaccines for Children (VFC) program.... Read more

March 2014

340B Software and Solutions
Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG) introduces Total340B outpatient pharmacy solutions, which enables hospitals to expand access to 340B drug pricing... Read more
Closed System Transfer Device
The new ChemoLock needle-free closed system transfer device (CSTD) from ICU Medical keeps pharmacists and patients safe from exposure to hazardous drugs... Read more
Environment Monitoring System
Attentus\' environment monitoring system offers a complete line of monitoring plates and paddles for air and surface sampling. The complete line of agar... Read more
Inventory Management System
ScriptPro\'s inventory management system, known as SIM, manages inventory investment. The system can be integrated with ScriptPro\'s Central Workflow System... Read more
Medication Supply Cabinets
The ServeRx Pharmacy Management System from 3AM Technologies provides a cost-effective way to add a supply solution to a medication management system.... Read more
Nitrile and Chemo-Rated Exam Gloves
Tronex Healthcare\'s line of nitrile examination gloves help prevent infections and cross-contamination. Manufactured in ISO-certified and FDA-registered... Read more
Outpatient Pharmacy Automation
Ateb offers transitional care solutions for pharmacy that help prevent 30-day hospital readmissions. The suite of solutions extend beyond transitional... Read more
Pass-Through Windows for Cleanroom
Stainless Steel Pass-Through Windows from Innotech Products can be used for the transfer of parts or equipment in and out of a cleanroom to help eliminate... Read more
Pharmacy Cleaning Wipes
Pharma-Wipes from Acute Care are dry, ISO Class 5, polyester and cellulose blended wipers. The wipers are lint-less and available in both sterile and non-sterile... Read more
Pharmacy Inventory Management Software
Aesynt (formerly McKesson Automation) announces the addition of Insyte Medication Logistics to the company\'s suite of hospital pharmacy and point-of-care... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Bin Liner
Atreo Services introduces a bin liner for 4-inch and 6-inch pneumatic tube system stations. The station bin liner promotes quiet delivery of carriers in... Read more
Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner
The MicroVac Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner from Terra is a handheld cleaner that is lightweight and completely portable. Flexible attachments provide... Read more
Pump for Vial Filling
Health Care Logistics introduces Precifill Precise Filling Pump, an automated, easy-to-use solution for quickly filling batch oral syringes and liquid... Read more
Wired Temperature Monitoring System
CIMTechniques\' CIMScan Flex Plug & Play system is a wired temperature monitoring system that delivers the reliability, robustness, and sensor availability... Read more

February 2014

Air Sample Monitoring Unit
SMA MicroPortable Air Samplers from Veltek Associates offer a number of viable air monitoring solutions to ensure compliance with USP . The air samplers... Read more
Casework with Infection Control
Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks has developed a number of features that address infection control. All exposed and unexposed surfaces on the casework... Read more
Closed System Transfer Device
CareFusion launches the Chemo Safety System, an FDA-cleared, needle-free closed system transfer device (CSTD), available for all common vial sizes. The... Read more
Emergency Drug Storage Boxes
Medi-Dose/EPS, Inc has expanded its line of storage and transport items to include a wide assortment of emergency drug and medical boxes. The boxes are... Read more
Foam Squeegee for Floor Cleaning
Perfex Corporation\'s twin-blade, quick-dry foam squeegees are constructed of USDA- and FDA-approved materials. The product has been engineered specifically... Read more
Inventory Management System
MEPS Real-Time announces that FFF Enterprises has selected the Intelliguard Inventory Management System to power its new VERIFIED Inventory Program (VIPc).... Read more
Lockable Punch Card Cart
The Punch Card Cart from Health Care Logistics is a lockable, three-drawer mobile storage unit that neatly stores up to 180 punch cards for improved drug... Read more
Microbial Contamination Test
Q.I. Medical, Inc has released the TuffTest 2, a unique microbial contamination tester for use in validating admixtures containing suspensions and emulsions.... Read more
Pneumatic Tube System Carriers
Atreo Services introduces a line of 4-inch and 6-inch pneumatic tube system carriers for the transport of items through a pneumatic tube system. With a... Read more
Sterile Wipe
SterileSorb from Contec is a sterile cellulose and polyester nonwoven wipe. The strong, durable hydroentangled fabric offers extreme sorbency while maintaining... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Central Monitoring Systems (CMS) from Elpro Services provide 24/7 monitoring for pharmacy equipment and temperature/humidity of ambient conditions. The... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
CAS DataLoggers offers its Accsense Ethernet Temperature Dataloggers, which alert staff when product temperatures in medical refrigerators and freezers... Read more

January 2014

Battery Power System for Medication Dispensing Carts
The Clinical Assistant Power System (CAPS) from Scott-Clark Medical is a new power system for medication dispensing carts that eliminates many of the complications... Read more
Compounding Verification Program
LDT Health Solutions, a medication safety and quality management firm specializing in controlled process and quality management strategies for the pharmacy... Read more
Humidity Controlled Storage System
Terra Universal\'s SmartDesiccator is an easy access, low-humidity storage system that allows the user to program a low percent relative humidity set point... Read more
Microbial Contamination Test
Q.I. Medical releases the TuffTest 2, a unique microbial contamination tester for use in validating admixtures containing suspensions and emulsions. Each... Read more
Mobile Medication Workstation
The Savvy mobile medication workstation from Omnicell now on Microsoft Windows 7 wirelessly links in real time to automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs).... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal System
Cactus offers the Smart Sink, an innovative, green solution for pharmaceutical waste disposal. The system renders unused pharmaceuticals acutely unrecoverable,... Read more
Pharmacy Cabinets and Shelves
The space-saving Pass Through Cabinet from Health Care Logistics organizes individual prescriptions onto shelves to help streamline filling, minimize confusion,... Read more
Pharmacy Management Software
SoftWriters announces the launch of FrameworkBI (Business Intelligence), the newest product in its FrameworkLTC pharmacy management software solution set.... Read more
Pneumatic Tube System Software
Swisslog announces the release of TL2013, the latest control software for TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems. The software is available for new users or... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
AmericanPharma Technologies announces PharmaWatch, a solution for continuously and automatically monitoring temperature, humidity, air pressure, and other... Read more

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