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December 2016

340B Analytics
Verity Solutions introduces Verity 340B Purchase Analytics, which identifies the optimal NDC mix to enable significant savings. By proactively analyzing... Read more
Air Purification System
Aseptic Enclosures’ HEPAcirc is a general-purpose, plug-and-play, cleanroom grade air purification upgrade system that is suitable for many types... Read more
Injectable Generic Drug
Fresenius Kabi announces the availability of Bivalirudin for injection, a generic alternative to Angiomax. Available in single-dose vials, each containing... Read more
Mobile Medication Dispensing System
TouchPoint Medical’s AccessPoint Rx MD mobile medication dispensing system is an integrated, patient-centric solution designed to streamline the... Read more
Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Terra Universal offers a motorized shoe cleaner for cleanrooms. The cleaner automatically brushes and vacuums shoes with the simple push of a lever. Five... Read more
Solid Temperature Simulator
Cooper-Atkins presents a patented Solid Product Simulator, used to simulate product temperature in changing ambient conditions. Air temperatures fluctuate... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Webinar
Vaisala introduces a new Webinar, How the Internet of Things Is Changing Temperature Monitoring. Vaisala’s VaiNet is a wireless technology that allows... Read more
Unit Dose Nicotine Gum
Atlantic Biologicals offers unit dose nicotine gum as part of its UDose product line. UDose products are prepackaged, in stock, and ready to ship. The... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Hampshire Controls Corporation announces the launch of the MPS Multi-Probe Alarm System with 2-8 sensors. The MPS monitors, alarms, and notifies based... Read more

November 2016

503B Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services
QuVa Pharma, Inc, a national platform for compounded sterile preparations (CSPs), offers a consistent, reliable supply and exceeds industry standards for... Read more
Automated Dispensing Cabinet
BD announces the release of the Pyxis Enterprise Solution (ES) system, an enterprise-ready, scalable, Web-accessible platform specifically designed to... Read more
Automated Tablet Counters
Kirby Lester announces an update to its flagship tablet counter line, the simple KL1 and the advanced KL1Plus with scan-verification plus counting, which... Read more
Automatic Pill Crusher
Maxpert Medical introduces the MAXCRUSH E200s automatic pill crusher, a hands-free, portable, battery operated pill crushing solution. Designed to deliver... Read more
Bluetooth Data Loggers
CAS DataLoggers presents the Lascar EL-BT-2 Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger, which measures and stores up to 500,000 temperature and humidity... Read more
Certification Programs
NABP and CriticalPoint have partnered to create a certification program, titled Sterile Compounding Inspector Training (SCIT) for State Board Inspectors.... Read more
Cleanroom Frocks
Contec CritiGear clean-room frocks are specifically designed for USP <797> compounding applications where fiber and particulate contamination is... Read more
Cleanroom Garbing Bench
Terra Universal introduces an ergonomic, dual-level gowning bench for comfortable donning of cleanroom coveralls, booties, and other garb. The bench features... Read more
Cleanroom Gloves
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals presents 100% nitrile, latex- and powder-free Pharma-Gloves, which meet and exceed USP <797> and <800> regulations.... Read more
Cleanroom Mop
Perfex Corporation introduces the TruCLEAN sponge mop, designed for use in a cleanroom or sterile environment, making it ideal for applying disinfectants... Read more
Containment Glove Boxes
Terra Universal presents ULPA-filtered, adjustable airflow containment glove boxes to control and remove powders and aerosols. The plastic glove boxes... Read more
Data Loggers
CAS DataLoggers introduces the new IPlug PDF single-use temperature data loggers from SwiTrace for recording temperature and/or humidity in storage and... Read more
Drug and Vaccine Gel Packs
Cold Chain Technologies presents a solid phase change material (PCM) to maintain the integrity of drugs and vaccines during transport. The new Koolit advanced... Read more
Injectable Generic Drug
Fresenius Kabi announces the availability of daptomycin for injection, a generic alternative to Cubicin. The drug is available as a single-dose vial containing... Read more
Inventory Management Software
ARxIUM announces RxWorks Pro software, an open architecture platform designed to increase patient safety and workflow efficiency by providing inventory... Read more
Line Tracing Labels
Medi-Dose/EPS’s high-alert line-tracing labels enable traceability for all IV and catheter lines for any medication. Pharmacy places the entire label... Read more
Medication Reconciliation Software
Ateb, Inc’s transitional care solutions help reduce readmissions and utilize Medicare transition care management (TCM) billing codes. The solution... Read more
Metric-Only Dosage Cups
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc releases new metric-only dosage cups, which meet the latest Institute for Safe Medication Practices recommendations for metric... Read more
Outpatient Payment Software
Emporos Systems announces it has achieved EMV certification by integrating an EMV-approved payment middleware solution, Vantiv triPOS by Vantiv Integrated... Read more
Paralytic Agent Safety Bin
Health Care Logistics presents the high-alert paralytic agent bin, a solution designed to segregate neuromuscular blockers from all other medications,... Read more
Personal Protective Equipment
Cleanroom Connection offers cleanroom apparel and consumables to protect staff working with hazardous drugs. The extensive line includes USP <800>-compliant,... Read more
Pharmacy Technician Practice App
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) offers the first official PTCB calculations practice questions app for iOS and Android devices. Released... Read more
Pharmacy Technician Practice Exam
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) presents the updated official PTCB practice exam, the only practice test authorized by PTCB. Designed... Read more
Pill Crusher
Maxpert Medical introduces the MAXCRUSH M200 cup pill crusher, a portable, light, compact device that combines an ergonomic handle and a buffering and... Read more
Robotic Compounding System
Grifols introduces KIRO Oncology, a robotic system with engineering controls for safety, compliance, efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use throughout... Read more
Shoe Covers
Kimberly-Clark Professional presents Kimtech Pure A7 ankle-high shoe covers, which help reduce contamination and decrease slips and falls. The covers protect... Read more
Sleeve Protectors
Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces the Kimtech Pure A4 sleeve protector, which provides barrier protection to shield workers and the workplace from... Read more
Tamper-Evident Bags
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc offers four styles of tamper-evident syringe bags to help pharmacists and nurses provide protection for IV and oral syringes. Available... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Sensaphone introduces the Sentinel system, which provides 24/7 remote monitoring of pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators. The system detects a problem,... Read more
USP Compliance Webinars
Technical Safety Services, Inc announces a new series of USP <797> and USP <800> compliance Webinars. TSS’ Andrew King will pre­sent... Read more

October 2016

Cleanroom Wipers
ISO-MED introduces Class 100-compatible ISOPURE wipes, which are sterilized for use in aseptic environments. The wipes are made from pure, lint free, chemically... Read more
Cleanroom Wipes
ChemoGLO, LLC, introduces HDClean (Hazardous Drug Clean), a disposable, pre-saturated towelette wiping system designed to decontaminate and remove hazardous... Read more
Disinfecting Spray
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals offers Diff-Infect, an EPA-registered, one-step solution that cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes hard surfaces in health care... Read more
Label Printer
Epson presents the ColorWorks C7500G with Wasatch RIP, which prints labels quickly and cost efficiently. The printer produces advanced, on-demand, full-color... Read more
Modular Cleanroom Equipment
Grifols presents Misterium, modular cleanroom equipment, design, and consulting services for safety and compliance with USP <797> and <800>.... Read more
Nasal Delivery System
Health Care Logistics introduces the MAD Mucosal Automation Device, a single-use disposable device that atomizes topical solutions to provide a quick,... Read more
Online Drug Waste Information System
PharmWaste Technologies announces the availability of QuickHAZ, an online drug waste identification and management system. The system allows online management... Read more
Pass Through Cabinet
Terra Universal presents the ValuLine pass-through chamber, made of cleanroom-compatible, 304 stainless steel. The durable chamber allows for non-contaminating... Read more
Pre-Saturated Wipes
Contec introduces Critical Site Wipes, made of polyester and containing 70% USP grade isopropanol and 30% USP grade purified water. The low linting, nonwoven,... Read more
Staff Credentialing Validation Software
IMS Health announces the availability of version 2.0 of Medical License Monitor (MLM), an automated solution designed for pharmacies to perform employee... Read more
Sterile Applicator Kit
Veltek Associates provides WipeDown 1-2-3, a simple, sterile, three-step applicator kit. Each kit contains three unique packets of sterile, USP <797>... Read more
Unit Dose Product
American Health Packaging (AHP) presents Mucinex ER 600 mg tablets in bar coded unit dose, available in packages of 100. This product joins nearly 600... Read more

September 2016

Automated Dispensing Equipment
TouchPoint Medical’s AccessCenter automated medication-dispensing equipment provides health care facilities with an economical, efficient, and safe... Read more
Automated Prescription Kiosk
Asteres introduces ScriptCenter for prescription and over-the-counter medication pickup. The 24/7 kiosk allows employees to access their prescriptions... Read more
Bar Code and RFID Readers
JADAK offers HS-2R bar code and RFID readers: dual-function devices that meet the growing demand for an easily integrated reader that bridges the gap between... Read more
Cleanroom Testing and Certification
Champion Air Testing provides USP <797> and <800> compliance testing and certification services for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, biological safety... Read more
Countertop Refrigerator
The MLR102 from Helmer Scientific is a 1.8 cubic foot countertop refrigerator for storing temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and medications.... Read more
Dispensing Pump
Healthmark offers the Precifill automated dispensing pump for batch filling of oral liquids, including syringes and unit dose cups, regardless of viscosity.... Read more
Ointment Blister Filling System
Health Care Logistics presents the ointment blister filling system, which allows users to neatly package and dispense small volumes of ointments in convenient,... Read more
Outpatient Pharmacy Automation
Ateb’s transitional care solution helps reduce readmissions and utilize Medicare transition care management (TCM) billing codes. The solution connects... Read more
Pass Through Cabinet
CleanAir Solutions features the new, smart pass through cabinet, which protects products when transferring sensitive materials in and out of the cleanroom.... Read more
Ready-to-Use Disinfecting Products
PREempt RTU solutions and wipes provide one-step cleaning and disinfecting for pharmacy cleanrooms and sterile compounding. A patented accelerated hydrogen... Read more
Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services
QuVa Pharma, Inc, a recently formed, national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, announces a signed agreement to acquire an FDA-approved... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Display Module
Rees Scientific introduces the LCD display module, which allows users to view sensor conditions right from the module. Monitoring the temperature of vaccines... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Vaisala launches the viewLinc continuous monitoring system, featuring intuitive software with wireless technology that monitors temperature, relative humidity,... Read more
Undercounter Refrigerator
Phononic presents the latest Evolve model, a 5.5 cubic foot, medical-grade, undercounter refrigerator that uses solid-state technology to deliver reliability... Read more
Unit Dose Products
Atlantic Biologicals distributes the UDose product line of prepackaged unit dose products. The line includes a wide range of more than 100 medications,... Read more

July 2016

Bar Code Verification System
Microscan Systems, Inc introduces all-in-one label vision systems (LVS) to ensure print and bar coding accuracy and meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical... Read more
Company Acquisition
InterMetro Industries Corporation (Metro) announces the sale of its health care technology business to TouchPoint, Inc, effective June 1, 2016. Metro health... Read more
Controlled Substance Waste Disposal System
Stericycle introduces the CsRx System for safe, secure disposal of controlled substance waste. The system deactivates all forms of controlled substances... Read more
Glove Changing System
IsoTech Design offers the new ISO-GCS, an aseptic glove changing system in compliance with USP <797> and USP <800>. It is composed of PVC safe... Read more
Metric-Only Dosing Cups
EPS introduces metric-only dosage cups, which meet the latest ISMP recommendations for metric graduations. The dosage cups are manufactured from FDA-acceptable... Read more
Temperature Monitoring eBook
Sensaphone offers a free eBook, Temperature Monitoring Toolkit: How to Protect Valuable Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals and Research Samples, to help health... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Voice Response Feature
Cooper-Atkins announces Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an addition to the 24/7 temperature monitoring TempTrak Enterprise. This new feature instantly... Read more
USB Data Logger
DeltaTrak introduces FlashLink USB PDF reusable data loggers. The new line accurately monitors and records temperature conditions in cold storage areas,... Read more
USP <800> Training Programs
CriticalPoint offers two new compliance-training programs related to the recently published regulations of USP Chapter <800>. A live training—Best... Read more
USP Compliance Webinars
Technical Safety Services, Inc announces a new series of free USP <797> and USP <800> compliance webinars. TSS’ Andrew King will present... Read more

June 2016

Cleanroom Bench
Terra Universal provides sectional benches for gowning rooms that can be configured to fit any cleanroom and process flow. They are made of ultra-clean,... Read more
Compounding Aseptic Isolators
Terra Universal’s USP <797> compounding aseptic isolators (CAIs) feature a shallow depth for easy access and removal of rear components, which... Read more
Disinfection System
From Med Effect, Inc, The Halo Disinfection System for cleanrooms kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including mold. The hydrogen peroxide dry fogging... Read more
Dispensing Solutions
Health Care Logistics features mL-only medication cups, spoons, and oral dispensers, designed to eliminate confusion between mL and teaspoon markings.... Read more
High-Volume Medication Fulfillment System
ARxIUM introduces OptiFill, a high-volume, custom-designed medication fulfillment system that is configurable for virtually any type of pharmacy. The system... Read more
Microbial Air Sampler
Particle Measuring Systems offers the light, mobile MiniCapt microbial air sampler, which simplifies air sampling by applying data management capabilities... Read more
Microbial Contamination Detector
Q.I. Medical, Inc releases an FTM version of the TuffTest 2, a microbial contamination tester for use in validating admixtures containing suspensions and... Read more
Serialization Packaging Feature
Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) introduces a serialization and track and trace feature to the 2016 release of  its Pak-EDGE unit-dose bar code labeling... Read more
Surface Disinfectant
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals presents Pharma-D Surface Disinfectant, an EPA-registered, validated sterile cleaner and disinfectant that is available in 16-ounce,... Read more
Temperature Probe Tracking System
The new, wireless PrimexPROBE with CertiTrak works with the Primex-TEMP monitoring sensor and OneVue software to eliminate the need for manual temperature... Read more
Temperature Transmitters
Cooper-Atkins offers ISO 17025-compliant transmitters, specifically calibrated to conform to CDC requirements for use in the Vaccines for Children (VFC)... Read more

May 2016

Automated Compounding Device
B. Braun features the APEX Compounding System, a macro- and micronutrient compounder that helps optimize the safe preparation of customized parenteral... Read more
Automated Dispensing Cabinet
ARxIUM’s MedSelect Flex is a customizable automated dispensing cabinet that helps reduce medication errors, control costs, and increase staff productivity.... Read more
Bar Code Printer System
Microscan Systems, Inc presents Microscan LVS print quality inspection systems, monitoring systems designed to monitor label quality as labels are printed... Read more
Cleanroom Mop
The Klean Max mopping system features a patented, pivoting mop head with built-in microfiber ridges and a polyester core designed to deliver disinfectant... Read more
Formulary Software
Aesynt presents the Formulary Toolkit, a program designed to enable cost-effective access to clinical data and expert consulting services to enhance adoption... Read more
Hazardous Drug Storage Cabinets
TBJ offers vented hazardous drug storage cabinets that comply with USP <800> guidelines. The cabinets can be vented to a building’s exhaust... Read more
Intravenous Seals
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc offers Steri-Tamp IV seals specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials, and syringes from tampering and contamination. When... Read more
Medication Adherence Solution
Medisafe and Omnicell announce a partnership to combine the benefits of the mHealth mobile application and SureMed blister cards, offering pharmacists... Read more
Medication Packaging System
ARxIUM introduces FastPak Elite, a versatile oral-solid medication pouch packaging system that provides modular configurations and limitless formulary... Read more
Operating Room Waste Disposal System
Cactus’ PharmaLock operating room kit ensures proper disposal of unused portions of DEA controlled substances. Like the Cactus Smart Sink, PharmaLock... Read more
Oral Liquid Tamper-Evident Vials
Health Care Logistics offers Tamper Tuf vials with caps, which provide a tamper-evident solution for extemporaneous unit dosing of oral liquid medications.... Read more
Sterile Nitrile Gloves
Contec announces CritiGear sterile nitrile gloves specifically designed for sterile compounding applications. The gloves are USP <800> compliant,... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Kit
The Accsense vaccine storage temperature monitoring kit enables monitoring of vaccine temperatures in medical refrigerators and freezers and helps protect... Read more
Transitional Care Solutions
Hospitals face daunting financial pressures due to Medicare readmission penalties. While studies show that pharmacists can reduce preventable readmissions... Read more
Unit-Dose Products
American Health Packaging introduces two new products to the unit-dose line, Mucinex ER Bi-layer 600 mg tablets and Imatinib Mesylate 100 mg and 400 mg... Read more

April 2016

Chemotherapy Drug Transport Bags
Medtronic’s ChemoPlus drug transport bags are now available in three sizes. The bags are latex free, 4-mil thick, have a zip-lock closure, and are... Read more
Continuing Education Program
LP3 Network presents a platform of continuing education programs to positively impact professional development within the health care industry. In collaboration... Read more
Diversion Analytics Software
Omnicell introduces Omnicell Analytics, a new, Web-based diversion analytics tool that streamlines the process of managing potential drug diversion across... Read more
Medication Tracking Software Integration
Inmar announces the integration of its MedEx pharmacy operations management software platform with Aesynt’s Connect-Rx software platform to enable... Read more
Quality Assurance Program and Consulting Services
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc (CAPS) introduces its new 503B quality assurance program and consulting service. CAPS’ two 503B-registered... Read more
Shelf Bin Dividers
Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its 6-inch-tall ShelfMax and 8-inch-tall ShelfMax8 plastic shelf bins with the addition of clear plastic width dividers... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
Mesa Monitoring offers ViewPoint Software for real-time monitoring and alerts with permanent corrective action records of temperature, humidity, differential... Read more
Waste Disposal Containers
EM Innovations introduces Rx Destroyer, an instant drug disposal system that enables safe disposal of medications and helps prevent diversion. The system... Read more

March 2016

Automated Narcotic Dispensing Cabinet
Pharmovative announces NarcoMedic, an ADC-style system that packages, bar codes, and dispenses individual, patient-specific, unit dose narcotics and controlled... Read more
Pharmacy Kit Analytics
Kit Check offers Kit Check Analytics, software that goes beyond static reports to deliver data-driven operational decisions. Tableau visualization tools... Read more
Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services
QuVa Pharma, Inc announces the arrival of an inspection closeout letter (an Establishment Inspection Report [EIR]) from the FDA concluding its review of... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Sensaphone introduces its upgraded 1800 monitoring system with a new keypad display and enhanced audio output. The system provides cost-effective, 24/7... Read more

February 2016

Cleanroom Wipers and Supplies
Medi-Dose/EPS announces its expanded line of compounding products, which includes ISO-MED cleanroom wipers and supplies. All ISO-MED cleanroom wipers are... Read more
IV Compounding Robot
Grifols introduces KIRO Oncology, a next-generation robotic system for automated sterile compounding of hazardous drugs. It is a self-cleaning system featuring... Read more
IV Compounding Robot
ARxIUM presents RIVA, a fully automated IV compounding system for hospital pharmacies and compounding facilities. RIVA is engineered with multiple safety... Read more
Outpatient Pharmacy App
QS/1 has partnered with Praeses to offer PocketRx, a smartphone app for refill requests that also features prescription transfer, pill/refill reminders,... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Display Module
Rees Scientific presents the Rees LCD display module, which provides continuous, real-time monitoring of medication refrigerator sensor conditions. Ideal... Read more
Temperature Transmitters
Cooper-Atkins offers ISO 17025-compliant temperature transmitters to monitor vaccine storage temperatures. The transmitters conform to CDC requirements... Read more

January 2016

Cleanroom Lab Coat
The Kimtech Pure A7 cleanroom lab coat from Kimberly-Clark Professional provides chemical and biological protection and contamination control for cleanroom... Read more
Investigational Drug Service Software
Vestigo, investigational drug service (IDS) software from the McCreadie Group, eliminates many of the manual steps involved in IDS operations. The Web-based... Read more
Louvered Panels
Akro-Mils introduces the addition of textured white louvered panels to their louvered hanging system. The panels offer an additional color option in the... Read more
Medication Handling Tool
Specially manufactured due to popular demand, Total Pharmacy Supply introduces the 4-in-1 Medi-Tool, a multifunctional pharmacy tool that features a clean-cutting... Read more
Microbe Sensor
Kanomax presents the new Biosentinel microbe sensor, which provides visualization of airborne microbial contamination risk. The small, portable unit provides... Read more
Ointment Blister Filling System
The ointment blister filling system from Health Care Logistics allows users to neatly package and dispense small volumes of ointments in convenient unit... Read more
Temperature Data Loggers
The TR-71wf temperature data logger from T&D Corporation is a two-channel recorder with an external thermistor sensor and a measuring range of -40... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout environmental monitoring solution continuously monitors temperature and humidity conditions across the enterprise.... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Sensaphone introduces the Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS) 1000, which provides continuous monitoring of pharmaceutical products stored in freezers... Read more
Waste Disposal Returns Services
Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services announces the development of SafeSharps, a sustainable medical waste mail back service designed to safely manage and... Read more

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