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December 2017

Cleanroom Frock
Contec CritiGear Cleanroom Frocks are specifically designed for USP <797> compounding applications. The ISO Class 7 cleanroom-compatible frocks are... Read more
Compounding Online Community
CriticalPoint’s Peer Network is an online community that provides users with access to the latest information, tools, and resources related to sterile... Read more
Glove and Gown Bundle
Halyard Health’s Chemo Bundle features exam gloves and procedure gowns that have been tested against 52 widely used chemotherapy drugs, offering... Read more
Medication Synchronization
Medication Synchronization, or Med Sync, from McKesson, helps pharmacists coordinate multiple patient prescriptions to improve medication adherence and... Read more
Pharma-Surface Guard
Pharma-Surface Guard from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals is a two-step process for cleaning spills without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces. It... Read more
Resealable and Ultraviolet-Inhibitant Bags
EPS announces an expansion to its line of resealable and ultraviolet-inhibitant bags. Resealable bags are now available sized from 1.5” x 2”... Read more
Tamper-Evident Syringe Cap
Medi-Dose/EPS introduces the TampAlerT tamper-evident cap for ENFit syringes. The cap guards against drug diversion and misuse from the time the syringe... Read more
USP <800> Webinar Series
The To The Point Webinar Series is now available in full in our online archive. Learn successful methods for complying with USP <800> in these 20-minute... Read more
Vaccine Management System
TruMed Systems announces the commercial availability of the AccuVax Vaccine Management System, which streamlines vaccine workflow, saves nursing time,... Read more

November 2017

340B Software
340B Architect software by Macro Helix enables qualified entities to access covered outpatient pharmaceuticals at a reduced cost as part of the US Federal... Read more
Child-Resistant Packaging
Keystone Folding Box Company has released an improved version of its child-resistant Ecoslide-RX compliance package, which includes an updated reclosable... Read more
Clear Syringe Seal
Steri-Tamp introduces the Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal. This clear, tamper-evident syringe seal allows users to see through to the markings on the syringe,... Read more
Data Management Solution
Sentry Data Systems introduces Senturion Services, which provides strategic guidance to help customers maximize the value of their data. Comprising experienced... Read more
Disinfectant Cleaner
Avert is a ready-to-use, one-step defense against Clostridium difficile spores on hard, nonporous surfaces such as those found in health care facilities.... Read more
IDS Drug Tracking Software
Vestigo is a software solution from McCreadie Group that is designed to eliminate many of the manual processes experienced in investigational drug service... Read more
IV Workflow Management
With an emphasis on patient safety, ConsortiEX offers pharmacy-focused enterprise resource planning applications to collect, integrate, compare, and share... Read more
Liquid Nitrogen Temperature Logger
Marathon Products offers liquid nitrogen data loggers with large LCD displays for real-time viewing and data capture. The palm-sized LN2 logger with NFC-enabled... Read more
Live Training 2018 Schedule
CriticalPoint announces 2018 live training dates at the CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research in New Jersey. These live trainings include the... Read more
New Manufacturing Facility
Equashield has broken ground for a new manufacturing plant, designed to meet the growing market demand for manual and automated hazardous drug compounding... Read more
Pharmacy Automation
Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS) represents an innovative approach by McKesson to combine its products and services to address increasingly complex market... Read more
Revised Pain Management Standards
As part of a national effort to address the opioid crisis, The Joint Commission (TJC) is implementing new and revised pain assessment and management standards,... Read more
Specialty Pharmacy Solution
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) helps hospital pharmacies meet the growing demand for specialty pharmacy medication, navigate the complexities of... Read more
Sterile Gloves
Contec CritiGear Sterile Nitrile Gloves are specifically designed for sterile compounding applications. The USP <800>-compliant gloves are clean... Read more
Sterile Wipes
Contec announces Critical Site Wipes, polyester 4-in x 4-in wipes that contain 70% USP-grade isopropanol and 30% USP-grade purified water. The low-linting,... Read more
Stock Alert Indicators
The SpinFlag and BinFlag supply management systems from Maxpert support “first in, first out” processes and provide restocking alerts. A simple... Read more
USP <800> Webinar Series
The To The Point Webinar Series continues this month. These 20-minute webinars, sponsored by CriticalPoint and NuAire and led by Jim Wagner, share successful... Read more
Validation for GMP Requirements
Performance Validation provides efficient, cost-effective, high-quality validation of computerized systems, meeting ISPE GMP requirements. Performance... Read more
Vision and Image Analysis Software
JADAK’s Clarity 2.0 Machine Vision & Image Analysis Software is a graphic user interface (GUI) package that allows users with little or no machine... Read more

October 2017

CSP Order Module
ConsortiEX offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications to collect, integrate, compare, and share sterile product compounding data, which facilitates... Read more
Dispensing Pump
The Precifill dispensing pump is significantly faster than manually filling oral liquid syringes and reduces the margin of error. The pump is ideal for... Read more
Energy Efficient Laboratory-Grade Refrigerator
Phononic announces that its Evolve 5.5 cubic-foot, compressor-free refrigerator has earned ENERGY STAR certification. Designed to provide cold storage... Read more
Independent Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution
ELPRO’s LIBERO W is an independent, wireless temperature monitoring solution for rooms and equipment that helps ensure that patients receive fully... Read more
New Production Facility
SCA Pharmaceuticals announces its new 90,000 square-foot production facility. Located just north of Hartford, Connecticut, this facility has been designed... Read more
Partnership Offers Line of Ophthalmic Preparations
Fagron North America companies JCB Laboratories (JCB) and Fagron Sterile Services (FSS) have partnered with Premier Inc, a leading health care improvement... Read more
Patient Care Platform
DocStation, a newly released patient care platform, enables pharmacists to provide patient care as data is captured in the background. DocStation may be... Read more
Pharmacogenomic Test
OneOme’s RightMed pharmacogenomic test, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, helps pharmacists to guide optimal drug selection and dosing by using a patient’s... Read more
Tamper-Evident Cap for Oral Syringe
International Medical Industries (IMI) introduces the Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap for BD UniVia oral syringes. Like IMI’s other oral, tamper-evident... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Solution
STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Environmental Monitoring solution streamlines enterprise-wide environmental monitoring. Cloud-based analytics provide... Read more
Topical Anesthesia Convenience Pack
Fagron introduces the LETS GEL KIT, a line extension to its topical anesthesia convenience pack used for the prevention of pain when suturing. The kit... Read more
USP <800> Compliance White Paper
Simplex Isolation Systems offers a new white paper that explores the challenges imposed by USP <800> Section 5: Facilities and Engineering Controls.... Read more
USP <800>-Compliant Products
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals provides a full line of products necessary to protect personnel and the environment when handling hazardous drugs in storage... Read more
Webinar: CriticalPoint’s 2017 USP <797> Results
CriticalPoint has been studying self-reported compliance with USP <797> since 2011. On Wednesday, November 1 at 12:00pm (Eastern), Kate Douglass,... Read more

September 2017

Barrier Isolator Glove Changing System
The Pharma-GCS was developed to provide an easy, fast, aseptic and safe way to change sterile gloves on a barrier isolator while ensuring compliance with... Read more
Chemo Gowns
Contec CritiGear Chemo Gowns are designed to provide protection against exposure to a wide range of hazardous drug compounds. The USP <800>-compliant... Read more
Chemo Spill Kits
Spill preparedness is critical to successfully avoiding hazardous drug exposure. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst with prepackaged Chemo Spill... Read more
Countertop Refrigerator Cart
Countertop refrigerator carts expand the versatility of refrigerators. They are designed for raising units to a more comfortable working height and permit... Read more
Drug and IV Labeling System
Digi-Trax encourages “the three Rs of drug and IV labeling” to reduce medication errors. Recall, or setting standardized color conventions... Read more
Initiative to Improve Patient Care
ARxIUM announces its new Pharmacy 4.0 initiative, an approach that will make the seamless convergence of clinical pharmacy, central production, and automation... Read more
Medical-Grade Refrigerators
Follett LLC introduces of a new line of 45 cubic-foot, medical-grade refrigerators. These high-performance, double-door refrigerators feature an industry-exclusive... Read more
Medication Disposal Kiosks
To help eliminate the problem of improperly disposed medications, Stericycle is offering Medication Collection Kiosks for use in retail pharmacies and... Read more
Oncology Robotics
Grifols announces KIRO SP, which applies KIRO Oncology robotics to the production of compounded sterile preparations of specialized, non-hazardous doses... Read more
Robotic Systems for Filling and Labeling
Cargin Pharmacy Technologies introduces a new line of automated robotic systems for the sterile filling and labeling of syringes, mini-bags, and elastomer... Read more
Single-Dose Tromethamine Solution
Tromethamine 0.3 molar solution is now available from CAPS (Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc). CAPS’ Tromethamine solution is supplied as... Read more
Sodium Bicarbonate Syringe
With the reported nationwide shortage of pharmaceutical quality sodium bicarbonate available to hospitals, health care providers have been carefully prioritizing... Read more
Sodium Nitroprusside Injection
Nexus Pharmaceuticals announces the US availability of its Sodium Nitroprusside Injection. It is available as a single dose vial containing 50 mg per 2... Read more
Temperature Indicators
Ensuring products arrive safely and retain their quality requires visibility into all stages of the supply chain. It is critical to know if the efficacy... Read more
Webinar: Strategies for USP <800> Compliance
September 22nd is the launch of the To The Point Webinar Series, which shares successful methods for complying with USP <800>. Led by Jim Wagner,... Read more
Workflow for Specialty Prescriptions
QS/1 has partnered with Asembia to integrate Asembia1, a pharmacy workflow platform that gives pharmacies a wide range of resources for access to specialty... Read more

July 2017

Answer Book for USP <800>
ASHP has published The Chapter <800> Answer Book, authored by Patricia Kienle. The book is divided into sections related to USP <800> Hazardous... Read more
Cart Management System
The new Metro LockAlert Cart Management System (CMS) is designed to provide health care facilities with a greater level of efficiency and control when... Read more
Compounding Compliance Tool
The Pharmacy Stars Compliance Tool: Compounding is a total compounding solution pre-loaded with Visante expert-based SOPs. The tool covers both self-audits... Read more
Disposable Cleanroom Products
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals offers the Pharma-Choice brand of products, designed to meet USP <797> and <800> compliance. The continually expanding... Read more
Hydrogen Peroxide Spray
Peroxigen ST is a sterile, 6% hydrogen peroxide solution, made with WFI water, double-bagged in a class 100 cleanroom, irradiated, and tested for sterility.... Read more
Medication Safety Certificate
Developed in partnership with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), ASHP offers a new way to improve medication safety and earn a professional... Read more
Online Resource for USP <800>
A new online educational resource from B. Braun Medical, Ready for <800>, focuses on awareness of the new hazardous drug safety standard, USP <800>.... Read more
State-Specific Waste Categorization
PharmEcology Services, WMSS, launches the new PharmE Waste Wizard website, which provides hazardous waste identification for those states that have stricter... Read more

June 2017

Antiplatelet Bolus Vial
Medicure announces the availability of Aggrastat (tirofiban hydrochloride) injection as a concentrated bolus vial. The new 15 mL (3.75 mg) bolus vial is... Read more
Compounding Webinars
TSS announces a new series of USP <797> and USP <800> Guide to Compliance Webinars. TSS’ Andrew King presents an informative discussion... Read more
Mop for Cleanroom Floors
Contec MicroCinch Mop disposable microfiber pads are USP-compliant, and the disposable Contec MicroCinch Mop is constructed of 100% synthetic microfiber... Read more
Particulate Extraction Enclosure
For USP <800> compliant, non-sterile HD compounding, IsoTech Design releases the SafeAirx, a particulate extraction enclosure with HEPA filtration... Read more
Pharmaceutical Nasal Spray
Amneal Pharmaceuticals presents mometasone furoate nasal spray. The company’s first pharmaceutical product in spray form, it is available in 50 mcg... Read more
Pharmacy Certification Exam
The Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT), produced by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), aims to evaluate the knowledge... Read more
Shoe Covers
The Kimtech Pure A7 ankle-high shoe covers from Kimberly-Clark Professional protect the shoelace area, closing a potential contamination gap and delivering... Read more
Temperature Data Logging App
Marathon offers a free smartphone app to read its 2c/temp and c/temp LCDs. Users simply hold their Android phone directly over the LCD display, and the... Read more
USP <800> Self-Assessment Tool
Joint Commission Resources has developed an online self-assessment toolkit that helps hospitals and health care facilities track their compliance with... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Argus Labs introduces the Sentinel Next wireless temperature monitoring system to automate the recording of refrigerator and freezer temperatures, as well... Read more

May 2017

340B Compliance Manager
Ensuring that 340B practices remain compliant with the myriad rules and regulations can be difficult. Covered entities must recognize which areas of compliance... Read more
IV Accessories
Medi-Dose/EPS adds several products to its IV accessory line. Male Luer slip plugs are designed for any compounded product or procedure that requires capping,... Read more
Liquid-Barrier Gown
The Kimtech A7-certified liquid barrier gown from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers stringent liquid barrier protection against spills and splashes... Read more
Online Education
Fagron Academy launches an online portal with continuing education courses for compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Located on the Fagron... Read more
Shelved Inventory
Kit Check announces its new Shelved Inventory Module that uses RFID technology to help manage shelf stock. RFID tags are placed on bins where extra-tagged... Read more
Time/Temp Indicators
Timestrip UK Ltd manufactures irreversible time and temperature indicators via its Timestrip PLUS range, covering temperature thresholds from -20°C... Read more

April 2017

340B Software
Sentry Data Systems introduces the eRx Eligibility Check module, which utilizes existing e-prescription data to capture 340B eligibility, and improve accuracy... Read more
Cleanroom Services
Advanced Cleanroom Microclean’s cleanroom services comprise cleaning, testing, environmental monitoring, training, and certification. ACM develops... Read more
Company Blog
Akro-Mils launches a new blog section on its Web site ( The blog features information and insights for users of storage and organization... Read more
Drug Waste Identification System
PharmWaste Technologies launches QuickHAZ, an online drug waste identification and management system to help manage the drug formulary online. The system... Read more
IDS Integration
Vestigo—a Web-based software solution from McCreadie Group, Inc, designed for investigational drug service (IDS) management—eliminates many... Read more
New Product Line
Medi-Dose/EPS releases its NeoConnect line of ENFit compliant and compatible products. Pharmacy syringes range from 1 mL to 60 mL, sterile or non-sterile,... Read more
Opioid Reduction Alliance
BD creates a new alliance to help address the rising opioid crisis in acute care settings. Comprising health system and industry leaders, the alliance... Read more
Staff Licensing Software
OneKey Pharmacy by QuintilesIMS, formerly known as IMS Health, is a suite of real-time solutions designed to streamline day-to-day pharmacy operations,... Read more
Upright Refrigerators and Freezers
Follett LLC announces the release of an enhanced feature set in all of its upright refrigerators and freezers. The 7-inch, intuitive, full-color capacitive... Read more
USP <797> and <800> Training
Wolters Kluwer offers a comprehensive, Web-based quality management system, Simplifi 797, to help health care organizations meet USP <797> requirements... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
Emanate Wireless, which builds solutions that continuously monitor the operation and productivity of key clinical assets at health care facilities, debuts... Read more

March 2017

Antimicrobial Stewardship
Wolters Kluwer introduces an expanded antimicrobial stewardship program powered by the Sentri7 clinical surveillance system. Designed to help health care... Read more
Chemo Gown
Contec CritiGear Chemo Gowns are designed to provide protection against exposure to a wide range of hazardous drug compounds. The USP <800>-compliant... Read more
Cleanroom Electrical Package
Simplex Isolation Systems launches a twist-lock electrical wiring package for components such as lights, HEPA filters, and electrical outlets to outfit... Read more
Compounding Webinars
TSS announces a new series of USP <797> and USP <800> Guide to Compliance Webinars. TSS’ Andrew King presents an informative discussion... Read more
DSCSA Compliance Service
ConsortiEX introduces Pedigree Manager, DSCSA Compliance as a Service, offering health care providers a versatile platform specifically designed to exceed... Read more
Parenteral Nutrition Program
B. Braun Medical Inc introduces its Parenteral Nutrition 360 (PN360) program, designed to improve neonatal, pediatric, and adult patient outcomes, offering... Read more
Small Refrigerator
Petite Fridge from Health Care Logistics is a pint-size refrigerator delivering quick access to temperature-sensitive drugs when only a small amount of... Read more
Smart Pump Programming
Smiths Medical launches PharmGuard interoperability software for use with Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe pumps, allowing bidirectional integration with... Read more
Stock Indicators
Maxpert announces the SpinFlag and BinFlag stock alert indicators, supporting first-in/first-out out processes and helping to maintain appropriate inventory... Read more
Telepharmacy Services
CPS’s Telepharmacy Services, an offsite tele-pharmacy solution, encompasses a suite of services. RX-Remote Solutions is an extension of the hospital’s... Read more
Vaccine Monitoring Sensor
SensoScientific introduces its vaccine-monitoring sensor designed to meet all CDC and VFC guidelines. The WiFi sensor features a digital display with current... Read more

February 2017

Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger
The Lascar EL-BT-2 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity datalogger measures and stores up to 500,000 temperature and humidity readings. The LCD screen indicates... Read more
Cleaning Kit
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals introduces Pharma-Surface Guard, a two-step process designed to clean spills without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces.... Read more
Compounding Workflow System
ICU Medical, Inc. launches the all-new Diana compounding workflow system, which combines automated compounding and IV workflow technologies with wireless... Read more
Epinephrine Kit
Snap Medical Industries develops Epinephrine Snap, an emergency convenience kit for the treatment of life-threatening medical emergencies requiring the... Read more
Interoperability Collaboration for IV
B. Braun and Omnicell announce a collaboration to increase system interoperability between B. Braun’s DoseTrac Infusion Management Software and Omnicell’s... Read more
Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse Monitor
QS/1 is partnering with Appriss Health to integrate NARxCHECK—an analytics solution designed to combat prescription drug abuse by offering pharmacies... Read more
Qualified Personnel Certification
CriticalPoint announces the Qualified Person Certification Program for 503A and 503B Personnel. Successful completion of the QP503A Certification program... Read more
Quality Assurance
CAPS’ new quality assurance program requires 100% release testing of all of its compounded drugs and other products. The Test, Hold, and Release... Read more
Software Update
A free update 4013 for MILT 4, Medi-Dose’s unit-dose labeling software, is now available and includes the following features to reduce the risk of... Read more

January 2017

Air Samplers
Hardy Diagnostics, an ISO-certified biomedical firm, announces a partnership with Orum International to produce the Trio Bas line of air samplers. The... Read more
Automated Compounding Device
ARxIUM introduces its newest RIVA automated IV compounding system. RIVA prepares syringes and IV bags in an aseptic, ISO Class 5 environment, which significantly... Read more
Cleanroom Disposables
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals offers USP <797> and USP <800> disposables. Pharma-Choice products are available from your wholesaler shipping direct... Read more
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Peroxigen ST is a sterile, 6% hydrogen peroxide solution that is gamma-irradiated, made with water-for-injection, and tested for sterility. Used for cleaning... Read more
Medication Tracking System
RxScan introduces the latest release of the RxScan PI (Perpetual Inventory) tracking system, which utilizes an HL7 interface to track medication inventory... Read more
Online Continuing Education Course
ASHP and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) have partnered to develop a Medication Safety Certificate Program, an addition to the ASHP... Read more
OR Inventory Management System
The Intelliguard Linked Visibility Inventory System (LVIS) is a medication and narcotics inventory solution that combines secure, in-room storage and access... Read more
Packaging Integration
To streamline pharmacy operations for customers who use products from both companies, Pak-Edge UD software by Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) can now print... Read more
Single Row Louvered Panel
Akro-Mils presents single row louvered panels, designed for use in areas where a full panel will not fit. The single row panel creates additional storage... Read more
Syringe Pump Software
Smiths Medical presents its PharmGuard interoperability software for use with Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe pumps. The new version allows bi-directional... Read more
Trospium Chloride Tablets
Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc announces the immediate availability of Trospium 20 mg tablets to its portfolio of generic oral solid products. Trospium is... Read more

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