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November 2015

Wipe Kit

Veltek Associates, Inc

Veltek Associates, Inc, announces Wipedown 1-2-3 kits, which deactivate, clean, and disinfect most hazardous drug surfaces for USP <800> compliance in a simple, three-step applicator process. Each kit contains three packets of sterile saturated wipes measuring 9 x 12 inches: packet 1 is a HYPO-CHLOR (5.25% sodium hypochlorite) wipe for deactivation; packet 2 is a THIO-Wipe (2% thiosulfate) for decontaminating/cleaning; and packet 3 is a ALCOH-Wipe (70% IPA) for disinfecting. The proper sequence and application of the kit renders most hazardous drugs inactive on the surface, promoting a safe work environment. Following the first deactivation application step, the second step safely decontaminates and removes the inactivated residual, allowing for the final disinfectant step to complete the process.

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