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June 2017

Mop for Cleanroom Floors

Contec, Inc

Contec MicroCinch Mop disposable microfiber pads are USP-compliant, and the disposable Contec MicroCinch Mop is constructed of 100% synthetic microfiber that removes gross soil and fine particulate. MicroCinch reduces cross-contamination associated with reprocessed mops and is suitable for ISO Class 7 and 8 environments. It is compatible with most common disinfectant chemistries, including quaternary, alcohol, peroxide, and bleach-based disinfectants. The low-linting flat mop can be used wet or dry, and the pad provides uniform surface coverage and liquid distribution. Mop pads can be changed quickly, and the collapsible mop head frame easily snaps into the pad pockets.

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