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June 2021

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

SmartScan Technologies, a Division of CIMTechniques, Inc

SmartScan Technologies, a division of CIMTechniques Inc, releases the SmartScan systems, an easily customizable line of temperature monitoring systems. Available hardware components include wired, 900-MHz long-range wireless, and a variety of WiFi and Bluetooth-capable options. Each group of sensors can be part of a total monitoring solution, allowing for remote collection of temperature data, alarms, notifications, and the necessary reporting to satisfy regulatory requirements. All available system configurations offer sensors for ambient temperature, probes for refrigerators and freezers, and a range of other monitoring options including humidity, differential pressure, CO2 levels, and I/O capabilities, such as door-open status.

  • SmartScan Technologies, a Division of CIMTechniques, Inc


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