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January 2011

Automated Compounding Device

Baxter Healthcare

Baxa announces its ExactaMix 1200 automat- ed compounding device geared toward small to midsized hospital pharmacies. The entry- level, 12-port compounder delivers precision and safe handling to pharmacies that do not require the full range of larger scale compounders. The ExactaMix 1200 automatically unit captures raw pharCactus announces its Smart Sink solution for the disposal of raw pharmaceutical waste. The compounds sterile doses, minimizing the risk of measurement errors, wrong drug selection, touch contamination, and patient infection in the preparation of solutions for TPN, cardioplegia, dialysis, and epidural delivery. Capable of vol- umes as low as 0.2 mL, this device provides both volumetric delivery and gravimetric check, ensuring accurate volume and fill data.

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