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March 2011

Web-based Gap Analysis Tool

LDT Health Solutions, Inc

LDT Health Solutions introduces its USP <797> Web-based gap analysis tool to assist com- pounding operations in conducting a situational analysis to establish a baseline for compliance; a process necessary to create an action plan to meet the standards set forth in USP. The intuitive tool helps evaluate current sterile com- pounding operations against <797> standards by mirroring the quality domains set forth in the actual USP chapter. The tool automatically gives the exact citation within USP General Chapter <797> (for both positive and negative responses). Generating a high level situational analysis of compounding operations, as compared with all the quality domains in USP General Chapter <797>, allows the pharmacy to identify and ad- dress any operational shortcomings in their operations. The tool comes with a live consultation to discuss the findings and assist with the formulation of an action plan to reach compliance.

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