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Easily transport IV bags throughout the sterile cleanroom in this Stainless Steel Tray, which is perforated for air circulation. An extended lip acts as a carrying handle and bags lay flat for quick, easy checks once compounding is complete.

Use our solid, seamless, non-corrosive Large and Small versions as processing trays, medical supply organizing trays or pass-through trays to the cleanroom. 

Trust Stainless Steel Trays for safe handling of cleanroom tasks that require multiple products!

Establishing and Expanding Specialty Pharmacy Services
By Matthew Malachowski, PharmD, BCPS; David A. South, PharmD, MS, BCPS; Michael James, PharmD; and Joshua Whitley, PharmD

Pharmacists practicing in academic medical centers and university health systems routinely address complex disease states, complicated medication regimens, and payer challenges, while medications assigned to limited distribution pathways and narrow pharmacy networks make delivering care increasingly difficult. Implementing specialty pharmacy services within the health system is an effective strategy to ensure that patients with complex diseases and intricate regimens can access the medications they need. To read about how The University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital developed and implemented specialty pharmacy services, including beginning with patients undergoing solid-organ transplant and those infected with the Hepatitis C virus, the benefits of specialty pharmacy accreditation, addressing challenges, and factors driving success, CLICK HERE.

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PP&P's 2017 State of Pharmacy Compounding Survey includes data on USP <797> compliance, regulatory inspections, CSTDs, environmental monitoring, and more. CLICK HERE to read this year's survey.

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Advancing Safety with Smart Pumps
By Dennis Killian, PharmD, PhD

The ongoing evolution of IV pumps is quite intriguing. Initially, IV pumps were basic devices, focused solely on infusing medications at their programmed rate. There was limited, if any, intelligence built into these devices. Over time, IV pumps have evolved to include advanced drug libraries with the ability to set a variety of infusion rate limits. The drug libraries and associated safety features in the software deliver built-in intelligence, hence the term, smart pumps. It is imperative that pharmacy systematically leverages the advanced safety features available in IV pumps to incorporate the full value of this technology. To read about how to maximize the value of smart pumps, including key IV pump features, building the drug library, continuous quality improvement, and performance benchmarking, CLICK HERE.

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