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USP <800> Requirements for Engineering Controls
By Fred Massoomi, PharmD, FASHP, and David A. Kvancz, MS, RPh, FASHP

The risks to health care workers handling hazardous drugs (HDs) under non-USP compliant conditions are often underappreciated. NIOSH's landmark 2004 alert underscored the importance of preventing occupational exposure to HDs and played a key role in the development of USP Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings. This new chapter provides a framework of 18 sections that guide HD compounding practices to ensure the safety not only of patients, but also of health care workers who prepare and administer these products. A keen understanding of compounding personnel responsibilities is not sufficient to ensure safe HD preparation. Rather, pharmacy must develop expertise in facility design and engineering controls that encompasses the dynamics of airflow and air quality. Specifically, a comprehensive understanding of USP <800> requirements for engineering controls is critical to safe HD compounding. To read about USP <800> requirements for engineering controls, CLICK HERE.

Correction: An error occurred in the print version of this article. The article stated, "It is critical to note that horizontal laminar flow hoods/laminar airflow workbenches (LAFWs) and containment aseptic isolators (CAIs) must never be used for compounding HDs due to their lack of safety controls necessary for operator protection." The statement should have read, "It is critical to note that horizontal laminar flow hoods/laminar airflow workbenches (LAFWs) and compounding aseptic isolators (CAIs) must never be used for compounding HDs due to their lack of safety controls necessary for operator protection." PP&P regrets the error.

Did You Know . . .
The results of CriticalPoint's 2016 USP <800> Compliance Study are available in PP&P's December USP <800> supplement. CLICK HERE to read the results.

Editor's Pick

Maximizing the Utility of IV Workflow Software
By Kelley M. Reece, PharmD

Given the critical nature of accurately compounding IV medications, improving safety in the IV preparation process is a goal of every hospital. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the largest cancer centers in the world, is devoted exclusively to cancer care, research, education, and prevention, and is ranked the top hospital for cancer care in the US. As the devastating repercussions of IV compounding errors became increasingly visible across the country in recent years, and as IV preparation technology options increased in the marketplace, MD Anderson began to explore the possibilities of adding additional safety features to its manual gravimetric process. To read about how MD Anderson implemented IV workflow software, including choosing a product, interface development and testing, staff training, and more, CLICK HERE.

To find IV Workflow Management vendors, CLICK HERE.

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