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Implementing and Expanding Specialty Pharmacy Services
By Sangeeta Goel, PharmD, and Kaleigh Fisher, PharmD

As specialty pharmaceuticals continue to drive a substantial share of total drug spend, rigorous controls affect pharmacy's ability to access these products and maintain continuity of care for patients. To address this ongoing challenge, many organizations have established specialty pharmacies or are considering this option. To get started with an implementation or expansion, learn the essential program elements HERE.

Did You Know . . .
Despite a decrease in the number of new drug shortages in the United States, long-term active and ongoing shortages are not resolving. CLICK HERE to read about trends in existing shortages.

Editor's Pick

Ensuring Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy
By Megan May, PharmD, BCOP

Precluding the need for IV access and infusion center or hospital visits, oral chemotherapy treatment proves beneficial; patients often prefer oral chemotherapy over its IV counterpart due to its convenience. Oral chemotherapy use is accompanied by unique concerns, including ensuring patient adherence, managing side effects, educating patients on safe handling requirements, and avoiding food and drug interactions. To investigate establishing a system for monitoring and managing these drugs, CLICK HERE.

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