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The challenges of sterile compounding are real. Hospitals need a plan to implement technology to enhance patient safety, improve accuracy, reduce costs and comply with increasingly complex regulations. Omnicell partners with healthcare organizations to develop the best approach to insource IV compounding, leveraging the right technology, tools and resources at a fraction of your outsourcing spend. Visit to learn more.

Automating Medication Storage and Dispensing
By Rebecca Corsi, PharmD, RPh

Automated medication storage and dispensing inside the pharmacy is becoming increasingly common. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products' 2016 State of Pharmacy Automation Survey highlights that more than one-third of organizations have adopted a carousel or robot storage and retrieval system, and most users rate these systems highly. Cleveland Clinic Akron General (CCAG) implemented new robotic technology, including an all-in-one packaging, storage, and dispensing robot, and a storage and dispensing system. Implementing the technology has increased storage capacity, improved safety, reduced checks required at the point-of-dispense, increased efficiency, and facilitated system integration. To read about CCAG's process to automate medication storage and dispensing, CLICK HERE.

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PP&P is proud to announce a new series of four free, 20-minute webinars discussing strategies for USP <800> implementation success. Supported by NuAire and CriticalPoint, the webinars will be presented by Jim Wagner, President of Controlled Environment Consulting. CLICK HERE to register.

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Hazardous Drug Handling Supplement

Virtually every hospital pharmacy in the US must undertake some change to their facility, policies and procedures, and/or workflows in order to achieve compliance to USP <800> by the July 1, 2018 deadline. Because we know that state boards of pharmacy will be querying pharmacy practices related to hazardous drugs (HDs) during inspections following the July deadline, there is an increasing urgency for facilities to adopt appropriate equipment and compliant practices in the coming months. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products' 2017 Hazardous Drug Handling supplement includes HD and USP <800> compliance data collected as part of its State of Pharmacy Compounding Survey; CLICK HERE to read the results.

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Chemo Plus Prep Mats
This mat provides an ideal surface for working under the hood or with a patient by absorbing any spill to maintain a dry working surface. In addition to keeping the surface dry, it protects employees and patient from accidental chemotherapy medication exposure during the compounding or administration process. Visit to learn more about this map and more!

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