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Constructing an Oncology Pharmacy
By Andrea Ledford, PharmD, BCOP, CP, and Brian Wetzel, BS, MHA

To ensure compliance with USP <800> and USP <797>, health system pharmacists must have a comprehensive understanding of the chapters and the changes that must occur in their compounding practices to meet the requirements. In particular, the facilities requirements described in USP <800> require many organizations to undertake pharmacy renovations or new pharmacy builds to facilitate compliant compounding practices. It is critical to develop a comprehensive pharmacy construction plan, guided by sound practices and regulatory compliance. To read about how to construct an oncology pharmacy, including engaging with knowledgeable partners, conducting a workplace analysis, choosing a pharmacy location, and designing a floor plan, CLICK HERE.

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Preventing Diversion in Physicians' Offices and Clinics
By Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN

Many health care systems own outpatient facilities in addition to hospitals and other inpatient settings. Managing diversion prevention and compliance with DEA regulations in hospital-owned outpatient clinics, physicians' offices, and ambulatory care settings can be a challenging task for the hospital-based pharmacist. However, as the medication experts, the pharmacy department must take ownership of managing medications used in these environments. To read about best practices for controlled substance security in physicians' offices and clinics, including DEA registration, documentation, automated drug storage, inventory considerations, drug disposal, and staff education, CLICK HERE.

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