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Implement Gravimetric-Based IV Workflow Software
By Charlotte Wells, PharmD; Nathan E. Barnes, PharmD; and Lindsey B. Amerine, PharmD, MS, BCPS

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) published the first set of enforceable standards for sterile compounding in 2004. More recently, USP <800> was published, with the intent of protecting employees by decreasing hazardous drug exposure. Both standards have elevated the practice of sterile compounding, yet neither addresses compounding accuracy or standardized dispensing of sterile products. To learn how one hospital's implementation of gravimetric-based IV workflow software helped ensure accurate preparations as well as patient safety, CLICK HERE.

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Developments in the generic marketplace have an outsized impact on the hospital pharmacy market. CLICK HERE to read PP&P's May supplement, which presents data on trends in generic drug purchasing.

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Pharmacy Renovation with an Eye Toward Future Growth
By Paul A. Eger, RPh, CPh

In May 2012, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products published an article titled "Building Flexibility into Pharmacy Renovation," which discussed Jackson Health Community Hospital's pharmacy renovation. Today, CLICK HERE to read an update that discusses how the modular casework implemented 7 years ago has adapted to the pharmacy's needs over time.

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