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Pharmacist-Driven Opioid Safety
By Nancy Love, PharmD, BCPS

Without appropriate monitoring, opioid pain medications carry a catastrophic risk of addiction and overdose. For almost a decade, one 500-bed, community teaching hospital in Western Pennsylvania has run a pharmacist-driven pain management team, the Acute Pain Service, to ensure the appropriate, safe use of opioid pain medications. Over the years, the team has taken on additional responsibilities, including order set development and monitoring of naloxone use. To read about how this team was established and examples of their success, CLICK HERE.

Did You Know . . .
Medication samples serve as a marketing tool for pharmaceutical companies and a convenience for patients, but can be vexing for pharmacies to manage. With the dramatic increase in the use of medication samples over the past 20 years, pharmacy departments are forced to deal with storage regulations and compliance issues. CLICK HERE to read about one effective plan that ensured safe, organized, and compliant management of medication samples.

Editor's Pick

A Comprehensive Approach to USP <800> Compliance
By Gary Houchard, PharmD; Pam Lewis, RPh; Lisa Hymel, PharmD, MBA, BCOP; Sandra Prenosil, PharmD, MBA; and Rebecca Kisgen, PharmD, BCPS

Exposure to hazardous drugs (HDs) is prevalent among health care workers and has long been a safety concern. Wipe sampling has identified widespread contamination on multiple work surfaces in health care facilities, and air sampling studies have confirmed airborne HD contamination. Facilities with work surface contamination are associated with higher rates of HD exposure among health care staff. Despite clear evidence of adverse health consequences associated with HD exposure, as well as published safety recommendations to prevent exposure, safe HD handling practices have yet to be universally adopted. To learn more about one facility's comprehensive approach for compliance, CLICK HERE.

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