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Implement a Comprehensive HD Spill Management Program
By Fred Massoomi, RPh, PharmD, FASHP

A hazardous drug (HD) spill presents one of the highest risks for exposure to the individual handling the medication, nearby staff, the hospital environment, and patients. Spills can occur at any point during the HD management process; for example, vials may arrive broken from the distributor. In addition, spill risk exists during HD preparation and use, and at the time of HD wasting. Each step of the HD handling process must be defined as part of the spill management program. To learn how to develop a spill management strategy, the necessary training for staff, and more, CLICK HERE.

Did You Know . . .
USP <795> and <797>, which are under revision, and USP <800>, which is not under revision, are expected to become official on December 1, 2019. CLICK HERE to find out what can be expected when these chapters’ updates become aligned.

Editor's Pick

Addressing Controlled Substance Discrepancies
By Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN

As ADCs are widely used in the vast majority of health care facilities, the advanced capability these devices offer in identifying potential diverters has led to a corresponding increase in diverters’ sophistication at circumventing the tracking of controlled substances. To learn how to establish an effective policy for discrepancy resolution, CLICK HERE.

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