Cleanroom Design Under <800>: Cleanroom Layout

Friday, November 9 | 1:00-1:20PM EST
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USP <800> guidelines are not only essential for the functionality of a cleanroom; they also affect the cleanroom layout. In this webinar, Jim Wagner will review the layout options within the cleanroom, detailing placement of doors and pass-throughs, hoods, refrigerators, sinks, HD storage, and non-HD supply storage. Another important consideration is the air pressure relationship between the buffer room and the ante-room locations. Jim will share his expertise in making the often challenging cleanroom layout decisions.


Jim Wagner

James T. Wagner, principal of Controlled Environment Consulting, has over 30 years' experience evaluating facilities and primary engineering controls used for aseptic processing. He has served on many industry-standard writing committees and was a member of the expert panel that revised USP Chapter <797>.