IV Workflow Drives USP Compliance: A Case Study in Managing Failure Investigations

Tuesday, December 17 | 1:00-1:20PM ET

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Sarah Emanuele, PharmD, manager of pharmacy systems and operations at the University of Wisconsin, shares her experience leveraging IV workflow software to monitor staff practices in the cleanroom, from garbing to environmental monitoring and cleaning. The software creates a transparent view of all cleanroom activities, which allows for the rapid identification of any environmental excursions or practice drift, and supports failure investigations.


Sarah Emanuele, PharmD, BCSCP

Sarah J. Emanuele, PharmD, BCSCP, is a manager of pharmacy systems and operations the University of Wisconsin (UW) health system. She received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and bachelor of science degree from Alverno College. In her current role, Sarah provides leadership for strategic operational initiatives, and oversees IV workflow technology, USP <797> and <800> compliance, and pharmaceutical waste procedures across the integrated health system.

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