Drug Shortages: Conquering Supply Chain Issues with Data and Automation

Friday, June 25 | 1:00-1:20PM ET

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To effectively manage drug shortages, pharmacists must apply a holistic, data-driven approach that goes beyond the supply chain. In this webinar, Tina Moen, PharmD, and Nate Peaty, PharmD, MS, will explore how data aggregation and automation can revolutionize a pharmacy’s drug inventory status situational awareness. They will also discuss the latest drug shortage management options available to successfully respond to evolving trends and provide optimal/evidence based patient care in this critical workflow.


Tina Moen, PharmD

Tina Moen, PharmD, is general manager of IBM Micromedex Solutions, where she leads a strategic relations team responsible for engaging health care and business leaders in IBM-led advisory councils, networks, and panels to foster discussion on technology’s role in advancing health around the globe. Prior to moving into the health care information technology industry, she received her doctor of pharmacy degree from Creighton University and worked as a clinical pharmacist in the areas of pediatrics, home health care, HIV, and organ transplantation.

Nate Peaty, PharmD, MS

Nate Peaty, PharmD, MS, is the OrbitalRx chief product officer. He is a cofounder of OrbitalRx and is responsible for corporate and product strategy, research, innovation partnerships, and customer relationships. He received his doctor of pharmacy degree at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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- Friday, June 25
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