To Crush or Not to Crush: Challenges & Risks of Crushing & Compounding Medications In the New Era

Friday, November 5 | 1:00-1:40PM ET

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacy continues to manage new challenges in medication handling, including risks related to product selection, preparation, and administration. In this webinar, Huda Cotta-Dethlefs, PharmD, will explore how to improve communication among all members of the health care team under today’s circumstances and beyond for safer patient outcomes. The presentation will explore solutions to some of the clinical and practical challenges in medication handling, with a focus on compounding and medication crushing, as well as unit dose purchasing options.


Huda Cotta-Dethlefs, PharmD

Huda Cotta-Dethlefs, PharmD, is a graduate of The University of London School of Pharmacy at Chelsea. She received her PharmD degree equivalence from USC in California in 1993. In 2016, Huda started NexRx Solutions, a pharmacy consulting firm for LTC facilities. She is president and CEO, overseeing other consultant pharmacists, interns, and pharmacy residents. Huda is an active member of ASCP, CALTCM, and CPHA.

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