Build an Environmental Monitoring Sampling Program

Thursday, February 16 | 1:00-1:20PM ET

Event Information

The new USP <797> guidelines include an increased frequency for environmental monitoring sampling. Microbiology expert Abby Roth will help pharmacies build a sampling program now that facilities are taking a lead role in ensuring EM compliance, rather than relying on their certifiers to do so.


Abby Roth, CMQ/QE, QP503A Qualified

Abby Roth, CMQ/QE, QP503A Qualified, is the owner of Pure Microbiology, a microbiology consulting company that delivers practical solutions. Prior to establishing Pure Microbiology, Abby served as the director of microbiology for Clinical IQ, LLC, and was a quality director at a contract microbiology laboratory specializing in environmental monitoring.

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