Prepare for the 2012 USP <797> Compliance Study!

April 2012 - Vol.9 No. 4 - Page #3

At this time last year, many pharmacy managers had begun to hear about the inaugural USP <797> Compliance Study being developed by CriticalPoint and study directors Eric Kastango and Kate Douglass. As most of you now know, that study was a resounding success and served as a clear and open window into the actual state of pharmacy practice as it relates to the mandates and guidelines of USP General Chapter <797>. While not all facilities demonstrated impressive results, the data did indicate that practitioners are now working toward full compliance with <797> requirements and many practitioners praised the manner in which the study results allowed them a clear view of their own operations.

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is happy to continue to deliver analysis from this study. The study authors share the results of compliance data comparisons between those states whose boards enforce USP <797> requirements and those states without such measures in this month’s supplement. You may find the data (on pages 18-21 of the enclosed State of Pharmacy Compounding survey) rather surprising.

We are also excited about the forthcoming, second annual USP <797> Compliance Study scheduled to launch May 1st, 2012. Building on last year’s success and the benefit of baseline data, the 2012 study will serve to widen the scope of compliance analysis and provide even more compelling data and insight into national practices and trends. Starting May 1st, you can register to participate at, or, to ensure you will be included on the 2012 study email blast, send your name and contact information to

As we all know, the mission of USP <797>, and related tenets from the ISMP, TJC, DNV and others, is to constantly improve patient safety and outcomes in a field of work that is inherently chaotic. These concepts have matured over time and are built on a foundation of sound research and proven science. Hospital-based pharmacy operations must implement safe medication practices for the benefit of patient and practitioner alike. PP&P is proud to offer its full support of the 2012 USP <797> Compliance Study and hope you will do so as well. 

Your participation in this year’s survey will only strengthen the way in which pharmacy is practiced in hospitals for years to come. We hope you will do your part to help everyone involved.

All the best,
R. Mitchell Halvorsen

P.S. PP&P would like to remind you to register today for the 2012 Spring Hospital Pharmacy Conference hosted by Health Connect Partners. The conference, scheduled for May 7th through the 9th, will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Florida. Mention PP&P when registering to receive $100 off! Go to for more information.


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