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June 2022:

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Health system pharmacies are rife with challenges that must be addressed daily. From drug shortages and product recalls to reports of the fragile supply chain of critical active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), there are many uncontrollable variables in pharmacy practice. To combat some of these challenges, approximately 71% of all facilities now outsource at least some of their compounded sterile... Read more
Pharmacy Purchasing & Products recently held a webinar entitled: USP <800> Compliance Updatepresented by Fred Massoomi, PharmD, BCSCP, FASHP The following questions were submitted by attendees. The webinar slides and full presentation can be downloaded at Q: Should hospitals manage viral vector drug storage, preparation, and administration as hazardous drugs... Read more
According to current USP <795> standards, facilities must ensure that personnel are appropriately trained and can perform nonsterile compounding tasks.1 However, for many pharmacies, training, education, and resources have been focused primarily on sterile compounding. Staff may have variable experience, and many hospital pharmacies do not have the dedicated staff for a nonsterile compounding... Read more
The current minimum practice standards for sterile pharmaceutical compounding (USP <797>) and nonsterile pharmaceutical compounding (USP <795>) have served an important role in ensuring patient benefits and reducing risks such as contamination, infection, or incorrect dosing of compounded preparations. For continued improvement of compounding practices, the existing standards—which... Read more

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