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State of Pharmacy Automation 2018

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Improve Pediatric Medication Safety with IV Workflow Software

Keliana L. O'Mara, PharmD
Issue: June 2018

Manage Controlled Substance Shortages

Mary G. Petrovskis, PharmD, BCPS
Mary-Haston Leary, PharmD, BCPS
Daniel Schenkat, PharmD, MS
Maryann Oertel, PharmD, BCPS
Issue: June 2018

Choosing Proper Hazardous Drug PPE for USP <800>: Part 1

Fred Massoomi, PharmD, FASHP
Issue: June 2018

Implementing an Outpatient Pharmacy

Kamile Johnson, PharmD, AAHIVP
Issue: June 2018

Refrigeration & Temperature Monitoring Buyer's Guide

Issue: June 2018

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