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May 2012 : Automated Dispensing Cabinets - Vol.9 No. 5 - Page #6
Categories: Automated Dispensing Cabinets, Automated Dispensing Cabinets Monitoring Software

Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) enjoy almost universal adoption in US hospitals. Those facilities with the most advanced safety technology in place are also more likely to use ADCs as a primary means of drug dispensing; hospitals with CPOE and BCMA in place have high rates of ADC adoption and are using this automation to stock more than a just few line items. Nonetheless, there is room for improvement in stocking processes, as the consistent use of bar code verification during the ADC refill process, unfortunately, is not widespread.

Watch for additional ADC data in PP&P’s State of Pharmacy Automation issue this August.

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Automated Dispensing Cabinets
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