Drug Recall Procedure

June 2012 - Vol.9 No. 6

At Scott and White Healthcare, it is the responsibility of each facility’s pharmacist-in-charge to operationalize an appropriate and effective drug recall process to be implemented upon receipt of a drug recall notice.

Pharmacy will take the following actions:

  1. Review wholesaler or other purchasing reports to determine the pharmacy purchase history of the recalled product.
  2. Notify areas (including clinics) that may potentially stock the product and share the recall information.
  3. Organize a recall strategy for collecting products included in the recall, as required.

If the nature of the recall is life threatening/high-risk or otherwise deemed to be of significant interest, the facility’s committee responsible for drug formulary actions will consider appropriate notification to staff and resident physicians, advanced practice professionals, pharmacists, nursing supervisors, nursing directors, and patients.


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