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September 2012 - Vol. 9 No. 9 - Page #1

Undoubtedly, as administrative directors and managers of pharmacy operations in hospital settings, you must engage and often work directly with staff from your diagnostic and clinical laboratories on a regular basis. However, for some facilities, maintaining an open and transparent relationship with the lab can be a challenge. As hospitals face consistent demands to better integrate patient information among all health care-related disciplines, it is now more valuable than ever to meet with lab managers and directors on a regular basis. 

As we all know, pharmacy is not an island; improving the exchange of patient information in a secure and safe manner certainly cannot be accomplished by a single department. Therefore, collaborating with other departments with which pharmacy has a codependent relationship can help create a sense of multidisciplinary cohesiveness and result in a mutually beneficial understanding. 

Modern heath care’s accepted mandate of doing more with less often can inspire a subconscious—or even conscious—environment of competition among disciplines for limited resources. However, such competition rarely leads to a mutually beneficial relationship, which is the natural goal of organized health care. So, whether your facility does the bulk of its laboratory testing in-house or outsources certain procedures to commercial labs, establishing an open working relationship with managers of laboratory operations can lead to the development of practices that save time and money while improving clinical outcomes. 

As a pharmacy manager, your goals are undoubtedly tied to nurturing a positive, efficient, and effective environment for your employees. Because that environment must live and thrive within a larger system, finding common ground and supporting those other environments that are mutually tied to overall quality patient care is vital to your own stability. And keep in mind, when the lab department comes to see pharmacy as a champion, they will also come to be a champion of pharmacy programs as well.

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen

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