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May 2013 - Vol.10 No. 5 - Page #48

Pharmaceutical Waste Program
Clean Harbors introduces the One Container Program, a simple and compliant pharmaceutical waste program where both non-hazardous and RCRA-hazardous pharmaceutical waste is disposed in a single black container. Clean Harbors will pick up, transport, and dispose of the waste in order to keep the facility in full compliance. Schedules and procedures are developed for the collection, transportation, management, documentation, and destruction of the combined waste. The program meets all federal and individual state mandates for pharmaceutical waste management and pharmaceutical waste is completely controlled through destruction at one of Clean Harbor’s RCRA-certified Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) hazardous waste incinerators.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc
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Mobile Medication Tracking and Delivery
The SecureRx MD System from Metro is an integrated mobile medication tracking and transport system. Available on the Metro Flo Series of hybrid medication workstations, the system also communicates seamlessly with Metro MedDispense Automated Dispensing Systems as well as other automated dispensing cabinets to improve the tracking, control, and delivery of patient specific medications to the bedside. The SecureRx MD System improves clinician workflow, medication security, and visibility, to support closing the loop between pharmacy and the patient bedside.

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Transdermal Patch Disposal System
Health Care Logistics offers the ContraPatch Transdermal Patch Disposal System to safely deactivate residual drug content of used transdermal patches, for convenient, effective, responsible disposal regardless of where they are removed and discarded. Transdermal patches can contain up to 95% excess active pharmaceutical ingredients that pose safety, abuse, and environmental contamination risks. The ingredients in ContraPatch immediately encapsulate the drug with a protective, deactivating layer to eliminate potential hazards. This patented, single-patch disposal system is inexpensive and easy-to-use. Users place a used patch onto ContraPatch, fold over the adhesive corners, run it under tap water, and then place the ContraPatch in the provided re-sealable bag for safe, risk-free disposal. The product is packaged 25 per box. 

Health Care Logistics
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Clinical Intervention Platform 
The Micromedex 360 Care Insights platform from Truven Health Analytics documents patients’ clinical events and treatment interventions in real-time at the bedside. Using the platform, data entered into any of the product’s electronic intervention forms, from the Web, tablet, or mobile application’s, can be electronically transferred to a patient’s electronic health record, so data only needs to be entered once. This data exchange can save time and reduce errors by eliminating duplicative data entry. The platform also provides a hospital with a complete record of patient encounters.

Truven Health Analytics
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Closed System Transfer Device
BD Medical announces that the US FDA has cleared the BD PhaSeal a closed system transfer device (CSTD) under the new ONB code, created for devices that have specific indications for use with antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs. The FDA clearance was based on three criteria: no escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentration, no transfer of environmental contaminants, and prevention of microbial ingress. BD’s PhaSeal received ONB clearance based on validated third-party evidence.

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Hazardous Drug Compounding System
The Diana Automated Hazardous Drug Compounding System from ICU Medical is a user-controlled automated sterile compounding system for the accurate, safe, and efficient preparation of hazardous drugs. With an enhanced user interface and workflow, the system is designed to keep users safe from hazardous drug exposure during chemotherapy preparation while reducing waste. The microbiologically and mechanically closed system also helps keep the medications safe from exposure to outside contaminants. The Diana system provides automated checks and reminders, and frees up pharmacists and technicians from many of the repetitive motions required during preparation and reconstitution.

ICU Medical, Inc
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