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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Tabletop Unit Dose Packaging Machines

June 2013 - Vol.10 No. 6 - Page #26

The FastPak TableTop unit dose packager from AmerisourceBergen Technology Group (ABTG) is an affordable, compact, unit dose bar coding and packaging solution for oral solids. Using the FastPak TableTop software, pharmacies can scan the bar code for bulk medication bottles and use images of the medication to ensure the accuracy of packaging. The FastPak TableTop’s small footprint allows the system to be placed in any location with no disruption and the unit’s horizontal operation eliminates pill crushing and gel cap melting. The bar code feature allows pharmacies to implement bedside bar code verification for medication administration using either 2D or linear bar codes. In addition, users have the ability to verify medication bar codes during the packaging process to ensure readability before completing large runs. The AutoPac (an optional auto-feeding device) is recommended for runs of 600+ packages. 

> From AmerisourceBergen Technology Group
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The Cadet Twin 2x2 tabletop packager from Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corporation is now available with a larger package size to accommodate an extensive variety of oral solids. The machine packages 120 units per minute set at a standard 1.56x2 inch package size. The stainless steel packager uses Euclid Vantage software, the same software platform as other Euclid packager models, which offers 300 dpi thermal transfer for quality label printing including linear and 2D bar code capabilities. The machine also uses a pill camera for visual verification and the bar code scanning and user-friendly software are adjustable for any pharmacy’s needs.

>From Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Company
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The MTS-350 automated filling and sealing system is a versatile unit dose packaging solution for medium volume pharmacies. This durable, semi-automated tabletop machine can package a wide range of oral solid medications. Consisting of a variable speed filling system and an automated high-pressure sealing unit, the MTS-350 combines both capabilities into one machine. The filling system can be modified to accommodate a variety of medication sizes and shapes and is designed for quick change over between medications. The sealing unit’s time and temperature controls provide consistent quality sealing with simplified, pre-programmed settings specific to both unit dose and punch card requirements. In combination with the MTS unit dose foil labeling system, users can produce in-house packaged and bar code labeled unit dose medications.

>From MTS Medication Technologies

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The iPackRx unit dose packager from Pearson is a tabletop packaging technology that includes a built-in bar code verifier that scans every package using linear and 2D bar codes. The system’s specially designed universal feed disks, pill pathway, and packaging technology virtually eliminate the occurrence of crushed tablets and capsules. The iPackRx can package four different sizes—1.25-, 1.43-, 1.67-, and 2-inch long packages—each of which can be selected without needing tools to change package sizes. The pill-drop sensor eliminates empty packages and the direct thermal printer avoids the need for a print ribbon. The tabletop packager can pair with Pearson’s m:Print Barcode Labeling Software, allowing users to create an unlimited number of label templates and manually print labels. The iPackRx is also available with the intelliCount Automated Universal Feeder to allow for unattended packaging operations. The intelliCount automatically feeds tablets and capsules into the iPackRx for fast and easy bar coded packaging.  

> From Pearson Medical Technologies 
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The Auto-Print unit dose packaging system from MPI is a unit dose packaging, bar coding, and labeling solution for oral solid medications that eliminates the need for manual repackaging. The Auto-Print can produce up to 60 packages per minute and additional efficiency can be gained by employing the optional oral solid feeder (OSF) attachment for packaging bulk medications into unit dose. The standard package size is 2x1.5 inches and a custom length option is available to accommodate large or small tablets and capsules. A variety of colored packaging materials are available for color coding of expiration dates or designating controlled medications. The Auto-Print is designed for simple maintenance and easy operation, and a low sealing temperature mitigates packaged medication degradation. Built-in safety mechanisms include a reverse switch and product guards. The Auto-Print includes MPI’s exclusive Pak-EDGE UD Barcode Labeling Software enabling label customization, drug database management, linear and 2D bar coding, tall man lettering, compliance, error prevention, security, and reporing capabilities.

>From Medical Packaging Inc
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The Bulk Packager from McKesson provides convenience and flexibility with the ability to package bulk oral solid medications into unit dose packages with linear NDC bar codes and expiration dates. The Bulk Packager produces 45 packages per minute, in unit dose and robot-ready formats, for cart fill, and/or for filling unit-based dispensing cabinets. Established security levels and mandatory approvals help support quality throughout the packaging process. The machine can integrate with the McKesson Connect-Rx software platform, which offers a shared formulary, password control, bar code formatting to support scanning at the bedside, and full reporting of packaging activities for a more streamlined workflow and reporting through a single database. 

>From McKesson Automation

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The ATP-71 packaging machine from TCGRx features 71 fully automated medication canisters and a semi-automated medication feeder for packaging oral solids. The small footprint and package size allows the system to meet the needs of unit dose bar coding, cabinet replenishment, and 30-day boxes. The system’s free-form universal tray requires no plate changes and minimal cleaning for fast production. The ATP-71 software is user intuitive and easy to integrate into any workflow process. Canister replenishment is verified by bar code, ensuring accuracy and system security is enabled via required biometric pharmacist verification and key lock. The multitasking capability allows a pharmacist to process the next batch while the current one is dispensing. The ATP-71 meets varying dosage requirements by handling full tablets and half tablets. TCGRx packaging options offer easy-to-read labels, with all necessary prescription information clearly printed, and all medication pouches feature a serrated edge for easy opening. Pouches from the ATP-71 are reverse numbered to identify the remaining quantity in the packaging strip.

>From TCGRx
Also available from Swisslog

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