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September 2013 - Vol.10 No. 9 - Page #1

As we head into the end of the summer, many facilities are beginning to review the past year and consider what changes, upgrades, and improvements will be necessary to maintain a high level of pharmacy practice into 2014. While many programs and systems may work well, there are always areas that can be improved upon and made more efficient. Fortunately, there is an abundance of helpful information currently available or coming soon from PP&P that can be used to drive and power your upcoming initiatives.

As most of you know, the slides from PP&P’s annual State of Pharmacy Automation study are available at ppppmag.com/slides. We have been offering this great PowerPoint slide package since our 2008 edition and each year it contains more comprehensive data that can be used to bolster requests for automation, software, hardware, and personnel acquisitions. 

Furthermore, many of you participated in the 2013 USP <797> Compliance Study—the third year of this wide-ranging, national study of sterile compounding practices—organized by CriticalPoint, LLC. With this year’s study now completed, participants should already have realized certain benefits. By answering the questions completely as they pertain to your pharmacy’s operations, the survey provided a sterile compounding gap analysis tool to help prioritize your remediation efforts. Although the 2013 survey is closed, you can still access the gap analysis tool at http://797study.criticalpoint.info.

The results of the 2013 study are forthcoming in PP&P’s October supplement on Cleanrooms & Compounding, and as in past years, the detailed analysis of sterile compounding practices will unveil areas that have made strides towards improvement in the last year, those that have remained flat, and those that require more attention. It is our hope that you use this analysis to continue improving your compounding practices and ensure compliance with the USP <797> requirements. 

As always, our goal at PP&P is to provide prescient, up-to-date information on the issues you are facing now. If you decide to use any of the aforementioned data to augment your case for operational improvement, please let us know! 

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen

P.S. We are also proud to announce the winner of this year’s State of Pharmacy Automation survey sweepstakes. The randomly selected winner from among all eligible participants is Joseph Stephanak, pharmacy manager at Reading Health System in West Reading, Pennsylvania! As the grand prize winner, Joseph received a 32GB iPad Mini. We appreciate Joseph’s participation, as well as the participation of every other pharmacy manager and director that participated in this year’s survey. Keep your eye out for our next survey and you could be our next big winner!


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