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March 2014 - Vol.11 No. 3 - Page #1

Depending on who is reading a specific issue, interest may wax and wane as covered topics engage the reader based on the challenges being faced today and those that are expected in the future. Some may read an article and nod knowingly, having perhaps faced some of the same obstacles and found their own unique (or not so unique) ways to manage and overcome them. Regardless, our number one priority at Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is to provide our readers with information that will directly assist in the improvement, refinement, and support of the practice of health system pharmacy.

As a regular reader of PP&P, you are undoubtedly engaged with the current issues facing hospital pharmacy practice—whether that involves ongoing pressures on medication compounding, convincing the administration to support new technology initiatives, or contending with the impact of accountable care. In order to address these issues, PP&P seeks to provide the fundamental solutions and methods by which to overcome them. This includes not only our peer-to-peer editorial coverage, but also the technology and service suppliers that advertise with us. 

PP&P seeks to be your go-to content provider for hospital pharmacy operational management, so if there are topic areas, products, or services that you would like to hear more about, please let us know. Likewise, we encourage you to take advantage of our reader engagement services, such as Findit ( and our electronic reader service program ( Few practitioners today are without instant access to product information, but we tailor that information to fit your needs. By requesting information directly through PP&P, you will only receive information on the items and areas most relevant to your needs. 

In today’s modern age of mass communication on myriad levels, it is important to be able to get what you need, when you need it. It is our hope at Pharmacy Purchasing & Products that you find that need fulfilled within these pages each month. 

All the best,

R. Mitchell Halvorsen

PS: A note has been added to Table 2 in our January article, Safe Management Strategies for Hazardous Drugs, to clarify UNC Hospitals’ disposal method for pharmaceutical waste, specifically arsenic trioxide. The revised table is available at


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