Making a Positive Impact Every Day

May 2014 - Vol. 11 No. 5 - Page #1

Although it may not be overtly apparent, hospital pharmacists are helping to save lives every single day. As more and more baby boomers enter the later stages of life, reliance on increasingly complex, powerful, and sometimes tenuous combinations of medications is becoming increasingly common. Regardless of your opinion on this matter, the task of managing complicated medication regimens for legions of patients is a difficult one, but one that must be handled with great patience, reason, professional aptitude, and an understanding of the bigger picture by pharmacy directors each and every day. Because of this, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is proud to support and champion your significant contributions to better health care. 

As many pharmacy practitioners have experienced first hand, when it comes to departmental placement in a hospital’s physical structure, the pharmacy is oftentimes relegated to the basement. While several factors influence a pharmacy’s location—including the sometimes significant weight of pharmacy automation—one cannot help but wonder at the symbolic meaning of this. Perhaps it is true that in the past, pharmacy was not considered integral to progressive health care practices. As all of you certainly know, this could not be further from the truth, and those practitioners in C-suites and other top-level administration are taking note. This is not to say the pharmacy will be plucked from the basement and placed on the top floor, but recognition is increasing. You as practitioners should be proud of this and the contributions you make that affect patient lives in a positive way.

Another well-known fact about modern health care is the glacial pace with which innovation can progress. It can take years for research breakthroughs to become widely adopted into clinical practice, and this can be a frustrating experience. However, hospital pharmacy is often at the leading edge of clinical practice developments. Whether it be due diligence into biosimilars, the incorporation of smart devices into drug distribution and administration workflows, or wrangling large-scale data to determine efficacy trends or make better use of antimicrobials, pharmacy is a leader in modern health care. 

So take a moment today to recognize the value you bring to your staff and patients every day. Here at PP&P we will do the same. 

All the best,
R. Mitchell Halvorsen

PS: PP&P is pleased to make available a slide package from our recent survey covering pharmaceutical waste practices. These slides can be used for internal or external presentations or for new service proposals. Benchmark your practices against those of your peers! Simply visit


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