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May 2014 - Vol. 11 No. 5 - Page #14

Drug Side Effects Data
AdverseEvents introduces AdverseEvents Explorer, a Web-based platform that includes a scoring system that compares drugs’ post-approval side effect risks (RxScore), and an alerting tool that signals previously unidentified safety threats in advance of FDA regulatory action (RxSignal). The platform is a decision support and formulary management tool that provides payers and providers with easy-to-use, real-time, and actionable drug safety information. It also can help lower costs and improve patient outcomes by making available clean, reliable side effects data, and by pairing that information with proprietary analytic tools like RxScore and RxSignal to render the information actionable and predictable. As a Web-based software platform, AdverseEvents Explorer fits into the workflow of hospitals and health systems by allowing for more efficient drug safety reviews and ensuring better prescribing decisions.

Adverse Events, Inc
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Syringe and Vial Filling Pump
Health Care Logistics introduces the Precifill Precise Filling Pump, an automated, easy-to-use solution for filling batch oral syringes and liquid unit dose vials in only a few seconds per container. Users can process runs more efficiently, with greater accuracy, and without the repetitive strain of manual filling required with traditional methods. The pump reduces the risk for error and helps contribute to medication safety goals. Precifill provides accurate filling of volumes as low as 0.2 mL and syringe sizes as small as 1 mL.

Health Care Logistics
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New Features for Supply Management Software
Craneware announces new features for its supply management solution, Pharmacy ChargeLink, which helps hospital management meet changing payor requirements, better account for drug expenditures, and efficiently manage competitive pricing, accurate charging, and compliant billing. One of the software’s new capabilities is its Worklist functionality, which simplifies the hospital pharmacy business process by prioritizing action items by achievability and identifying proper stakeholders to manage issues with the highest compliance risk and/or revenue value. Other new features include benchmark pricing that allows hospitals to compare drug prices across their organization and with other hospitals in the market, and dose differentiation, which automatically identifies single-dose drugs versus multi-dose to help validate the varied units-of-measure allowable for drugs when purchased, administered, and for compliant billing. New interface enhancements, such as optimized data layout and tab features, streamline the user role so results can be generated on the fly.

Craneware, Inc
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Cleanroom Wipes
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals announces the launch of its Pharma-Wipe Plus, the newest addition to their USP <797>-compatible cleanroom disposables product line. The product is a low endotoxin, pre-saturated, and non-sterile dry wiper made from a polyester/cellulose blend. Pharma-Wipe Plus meets USP <797> regulations and USP <161> endotoxin limit for medical devices of 0.06 EU/mL.

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals
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Luer Lock Syringe Cap Trays
IMI now offers the Prep-Seal Luer Lock Syringe Cap in a convenient sterile tray of 10 units. A unique keyed tray bottom allows users to install caps quickly and efficiently with a simple twist of the syringe, enhancing aseptic technique. In addition to providing immediate access to ten sterile caps, the tray also allows for opening two caps at a time without compromising the remaining caps, which helps save both time and money. The caps are available in six colors to help identify processes or drug classes, and the product is packaged as ten sterile trays per box (100 units).

International Medical Industries, Inc
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