Refrigeration Trends

June 2014 : Temperature Monitoring - Vol.11 No. 6 - Page #1

Commercial grade refrigeration delivers peace of mind with the assurance that the correct temperature is consistently maintained, monitoring processes are easy to automate, and ultimately, expensive products will deliver the expected patient benefit. Recognizing this value, pharmacy continues to adopt more of these units for medication storage. Product storage in the pharmacy has benefitted from this trend, as most facilities use commercial-grade units exclusively therein. On the units, medications are much more likely to be stored in a variety of refrigerators, as only 34% of those with commercial-grade refrigeration utilize this approach exclusively on the unit floors.

Facility size has an impact on the use of commercial grade units as facilities with more than 200 beds are the most likely to have implemented commercial grade units and they are also more likely to purchase additional units for medication storage over the next three years. 

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